Following the correct procedure can make the process of administering an enema easy, and comfortable.  Like anything, it takes practice, but after the first couple of enemas, the process will become second nature and the health-benefits will be well worth the effort.  Each persons body is different, so it is just a matter of practice and experimentation to see what works best for you.

If you’ve never had an enema before, the following instructions will make it easy to get started.


  • An enema kit
  • Enema Coffee (coffee for enemas is not drinking coffee, it is made especially for enema use only).
  • The best place to give yourself an enema is in the bathroom (ie, close to the toilet) lying on a couple of towels for comfort and possible spillage.  If you have one, lay a yoga mat on the ground first and put the towels on that for extra comfort.  A pillow can help support your neck too.
  • Spring or Filtered water
  • Lubricant
  • Your phone/watch (to time your enema – you are aiming to hold the liquid for 15-20 mins)


Assemble the equipment by following the instructions on the enema kit, ensuring the bag is at the right height.  Since you will be laying down, the bag should be about 60 to 90 cms higher than you.  If it is too high water will overflow, if it’s too low water flow will slow down to a trickle.  Make sure the tap on the tube is in the OFF position then fill the bag/bucket with the desired amount of enema liquid – hold the end with the tip over the sink and turn the tap on and off quickly to initiate the liquid flow and to remove any air from the tube.  Hanging the bag on the back of the bathroom door on a towel hook usually works well.

Lay down your mat/towels on the bathroom floor quite close to where the bag is hanging. Lubricate your anus and the tip of your enema tube.  This will make insertion easy.

Lie on your right hand side with your knees drawn toward your chest, then slowly insert the tube into your anus.  Gently insert about 7 centimetres of the nozzle into the rectum or whatever you are comfortable with.

Gently turn the valve or release the clamp so the liquid begins flowing.   Go slowly – don’t turn the tap to completely on, just go with what is comfortable.  What’s important is to take in and retain the enema. Going too fast stimulates peristaltic action in the rectum, creating an immediate need to expel.  In some instances it can also result in cramping, which is very uncomfortable.

Since this is the first enema, some faecal matter may be present in the colon causing an urge to expel immediately.  If this happens, repeat the process after evacuation and hold the liquid a little longer the second time.  If you experience cramping stop the flow, take a deep breath, and allow a minute for the cramps to subside.  When you feel you can’t hold any more enema solution (usually up to one litre), remove the nozzle very gently and keep lying on the floor.

Gently massage your abdomen so the water moves up through the colon.  Start with the bottom left corner of your abdomen and move up toward the rib cage.  Next, massage your upper abdomen moving to the right side.

Finally, massage the right side of your abdomen near your pelvis to help the enema ascend into the colon. Reverse the sequence of massage when removing the enema solution. The objective is to retain the enema solution between 5 to 15 minutes before expulsion (depending on the solution you are retaining).

You will need to sit on the toilet for some time while you continue to expel the enema solution.


  • Prepare an ample amount of enema liquid
  • Do a quick water enema before using a homemade solution to empty the colon first.  Always use filtered purified water.
  • Retain the enema solution for approximately 5 to 15 minutes
  • Gradually increase the time for retaining the enema in subsequent procedures as you get more proficient at it – maximum time for holding should be 20 minutes.


  • Ensure you are lying down on your right hand side when doing the enema and not sitting on the toilet.
  • Make sure you are comfortable laying on the ground and your neck is supported.
  • Suspend the enema bag at the right – the bag should be high enough to permit the solution to flow evenly.


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