July 24, 2024

Where To Buy Bentonite Clay For Internal Use


You may have heard about Bentonite Clay Power as an excellent detoxifying ingredient for facial masks but are you aware that you can use it internally as well? Indeed it is because of the awesome Bentonite Clay Benefits why this natural ingredient has been used as healing clay from different cultures for thousands of years to naturally remove toxins for wellness. Yes, you can make use of its benefits both externally and internally, however, you need to find the right kind of Organic Bentonite Clay that is safe to use internally before you start using it.


There are several types of Bentonite Clay Powder but there are two most common types that are typically available commercially. Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder is one type of this healing clay that is suitable for using externally. It is said to contain higher negative charges which swell for up to 10 times its natural size once it is activated with water or fluid. This makes it an excellent kind of Organic Bentonite Clay for external detoxification; however, it is not safe to take internally due to its swelling capacity.

The second type of healing clay is Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder which is made up of smaller particles than the Sodium Organic Bentonite Clay Powder. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and suitable for internal detoxification especially in situations where one is suffering from radiation build up or metal poisoning. So, this safely helps the body get rid of toxic chemicals that slowly affect our body and overall health.

So, Where To Buy Bentonite Clay for a natural and healthy detoxification? Love Thyself offers food grade Organic Bentonite Clay for your detoxification needs. You can purchase one in powder form if you need something more versatile as it can be used as an ingredient for various facial masks or if you want to use it internally by mixing it with your favourite beverage. We also offer this healing clay that is suitable for external use only; however, you can use it a 1000 different ways to naturally detoxify your skin.


  1. It contains antibiotic properties which help eliminate toxins, bacteria and some infections.
  2. It is considered a cost-effective way to purify water.
  3. It helps to firm and tone skin as well as eliminates impurities and toxins.
  4. It helps eliminate body odour by absorbing excess moisture without causing irritation.
  5. It assists in removing excess hydrogen and boosts your energy.
  6. It helps balance your pH levels and promotes overall wellness.
  7. It promotes a healthy gut and digestive system by boosting probiotics in the body.
  8. It contains antibacterial qualities which promotes good oral health.

So, if you feel that you need the healing and detoxifying benefits of Bentonite Clay Powder purchase any of the natural and organic bentonite clay we offer here on our website and we’re pretty sure you’ll experience the great value these products have to offer to uplift your health and wellness.

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