How are Enemas Helpful?

An enema colon cleanse has a lot of benefits including but not limited to:

Improve Your Digestive System

Your body becomes a breeding ground for infection if undigested waste stays in your body for a long time. Enema detox makes it easy for the body to pass out the undigested waste. By forcing out the undigested waste, allows your body to absorb important nutrients needed to improve your digestive system’s health.

Prevents Constipation-Related Issues

Enema detox relieves constipation and prevents toxins from being released into the bloodstream. A clean colon also helps in reducing the risk of other irritations and illnesses such as haemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Improves Circulation, Boosts Energy and Provides Insomnia Relief

When toxins aren’t released from your body, more energy is required to force waste out of the intestines. Improved blood circulation results in more energy and provides peaceful sleep.

Improves Concentration

Your body does not get the nutrients required to function efficiently when toxins build up in your colon. This condition is made worse by a poor diet.  This results in feeling sluggish and tired which impact work, relationships and overall health.  An enema colon cleanse allows the nutrients to be absorbed again, resulting in better focus, alertness and an improvement in overall health.

Provides the Perfect Start to a Weight Loss

Unhealthy foods which aren’t rich in fibre produce excessive mucous which sticks to the intestinal walls. This makes your intestinal tract heavy with decaying waste matter. 

An average human colon can hold about eight meals before the process of digestion begins. An enema colon cleanse helps clear the intestinal tract of the waste matter quickly, which kick-starts the metabolism and helps with a healthy weight loss. This refocuses the mind on making the right food choices which are important in weight loss.

Lowers the Risk of Colon Cancer

Your liver and gastrointestinal system play a huge role in your health. The toxins which accumulate in the body from food, drink and skin absorption are processed by the liver and gastrointestinal system. If these toxins aren’t pushed out of the body, they become a threat and can result in polyps, cysts and cancerous growths in the colon and can also clog the liver. An enema detox helps cleanse and gets rid of harmful toxins before they can cause serious damage to the body. 

If you perform an enema detox regularly, this reshapes the colon which improves waste movement. This reduces the likelihood of faeces being held up and becoming toxic at a later stage and becoming cancer.

May Improve Fertility

A colon that is clogged from years of toxic waste exerts pressure on the uterus and causes strain on the surrounding reproductive organs.  If this happens, it can make it difficult for a woman to get pregnant because of the excessive fats surrounding the reproductive organs.

Enema colon cleansing along with fibre-rich food choices reduces fat levels in the body. This rids the body of chemicals and toxins which interfere with pregnancy.  Several naturopaths recommend both partners undertake enema colon cleansing to facilitate pregnancy. 


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