Diet Tips to Help You Finally Shed Unwanted Weight
Weight Loss

It can be a nuisance when friends or other people comment about your weight all the time. Although their intention to come up with suggestions on how to shed those extra pounds can be helpful, there are just those times when it can be tiresome hearing those statements over and over. Don’t you agree?


If you’re like me, I would be annoyed not because of their suggestions or obvious concern for my welfare, but because of my lack of determination as I remember all those times I simply shrug off any reminder to stick to my diet plan from my subconscious mind before munching a chocolate bar or drinking my second fill of carbonated drink.


I know I definitely could have done a better job at cohering to a healthy diet plan but for some reason, I used to find it really hard to do so in the past.  Nowadays, things are a whole lot better since I’ve made a huge change in my lifestyle as well as diet. This is why I would like to share with you some tips that could potentially change your life for the better.


If you have been trying your hardest to lose weight – dieting and exercises to help burn those unwanted fats, it is no surprise that one may think losing weight is a difficult challenge to overcome. You need not to worry though because you are definitely not alone on this journey.


But don’t think, however, that losing weight can happen so quickly. I mean, think of all the time it took for you to gain that much weight. It took years, did it not? So, the notion that you can shed weight almost instantly is both unhealthy and unrealistic.  This can actually get you into more trouble as it sets you up for binge eating which is typical when you feel deprived.


If you take part in instantaneous weight loss diets that shed weight too quickly, your body will feel deprived and hungry. This bothers me since there’s no point in losing weight only to gain it back. Am I right? Keep in mind that the goal is to lose weight permanently and not just temporarily. It is also not enough to lose water weight, but fat weight should be the target which is where you’ll start to notice a change in your shape.

Tips to Get You Started



Losing weight requires a change in your diet and lifestyle. Don’t be scared to try something new. A gradual change in your diet can help you achieve your goal – a gorgeous bod by Christmas! Hey, nothing’s impossible if you believe in yourself and be determined to achieve it.


  1. Tracking your diet. This is so important because it helps you keep track of how much food you’ve eaten as well as the calories you take in a given day. Keep in mind that the fewer calories you eat, the better you will be. Fortunately, there are mobile applications that can help you track the food you eat and give you an idea of all the calories you’ve consumed, which helps you assess your diet and plan on foods that can help you lower your calorie intake, as well as, know how much calories you need to burn.


  1. Make small diet changes instead of big ones. If you’ve been eating fast food and high-calorie meals ever since, then making huge changes in your diet such as switching to an organic and gluten-free meal overnight, wouldn’t be the smartest move. This will only make your body feel hungry and your brain will feel deprived, so it’s better to make small changes like opting for a 100-calorie bar instead of a 250-calorie one.


  1. Eat lean protein sources. Incorporating more protein into your diet is essential to boost your energy without consuming too many calories. Lean protein sources have fewer calories including chicken breast, cheese, white fish, eggs, nuts, low-fat dairy, seeds, beans, seafood, soy food, and etc.


  1. Stock healthy food choices in the kitchen. Managing your kitchen and stocking it with healthy food supplies is a brilliant yet simple strategy you can apply to help you cut back on your calories. This also helps you avoid the temptation of munching a bag of chips at midnight while watching your favourite TV show.


  1. Exercise and lift weights. Personally, I believe exercise is essential in losing weight. It may take some getting used to but you will definitely reap what you sow as this helps you burn calories, improve your blood circulation, tone your body, as well as boost your metabolism. Regular exercises including cardio workouts like running, brisk walking, cycling, jogging and swimming are also good options.


It may take some time for you to adjust to a healthy lifestyle (if you haven’t really stuck to one) but eventually, you’ll get used to the habit and before you know it you’ll find yourself working out at the gym and enjoying your healthy meals more often. Yes, it has happened before (countless times as a matter of fact) and with determination, it’ll happen to you too.


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