Rare Natural Superfoods Australia to Welcome the Holidays

The holidays are approaching fast and what better than to stuff your fridge with the best superfoods that give your mind and body the vitamins and nutrients it needs. The term superfood has received a lot of attention throughout the years. Whether raw superfoods or superfood powder, we all know that these are foods that are nutritionally dense. But if you’re not really certain what superfood to purchase, it would really depend on what you’d like to achieve as each may vary in vitamin and nutrient content.

If you’re looking for weight loss superfoods, it’s best to go for raw superfoods or pure superfood powder that is high in antioxidant content. Nowadays, there are several popular super foods that you see all over the Internet but there are some which are considered underrated yet truly amazing in antioxidant content. We will be featuring those that are not only high in antioxidant content but also qualifies the practicability in terms of availability and price.

Raw Superfoods that You Need to Get Your Hands on During the Holidays

  1. Cocoa – Unsweetened, pure and unprocessed cocoa is amazingly high ORAC or total antioxidant capacity in which 100 grams is equivalent to approximately 55k antioxidant content. This is even higher than raw blueberries which are only 4.4k in ORAC value. Just make sure that it’s pure cocoa and not the processed cocoa such as in dairy milk since the chemical compound polyphenols become inactive as soon as they bind to milk protein.
  2. Sumac/Sumach – A spice typically found in Middle Eastern cuisine, found to be one of the most underrated raw superfoods. It contains an amazing 312k per 100 grams antioxidant content; however, do keep in mind that since it’s a spice it would be a challenge to consume100 grams of it.
  3. Turmeric – Is another super spice that contains approximately 127k ORAC. It is a very popular spice as it also contains a lot of health benefits due to the active compound called Curcumin which helps reduce chances of cancer, arthritis, bowel inflammation, etc.
  4. Baobab Fruit – Is a versatile fruit that contains 140k antioxidant content remarkably 40% higher than the popular Acai berries. It’s very versatile since its flavour fades when mixed with other food, which is truly a good option in case you’re looking for a superfood that you can enjoy with your favourite meals, snacks and smoothies. If eaten alone, it tastes a little bit of sweetness and sourness to it.
  5. Indian Gooseberries – It may not be as popular as the Acai berry but it certainly contains 261.5k compared to Acai berry’s 102k antioxidant ORAC value. The challenging part is its availability as it is not grown widely in Australia or the US. However, you can purchase a powdered version which still contains a notable amount of ORAC value.

Love Thyself provides all your health needs with trust-worthy natural and organic weight loss superfoods or nutritious powders that are tantamount to raw superfoods to keep you healthy and in shape. This coming holidays purchase the good stuff and give your health and good boost because you and your body deserve it!


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