Kakadu Plum – Why it’s the hottest skincare ingredient of today
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I know you’re probably as excited as I whenever we hear about a new skincare ingredient that really works wonders on our skin. Now, this ingredient is not entirely new but it recently gained the spotlight once more. It is on our list of ingredients with fantastic skin care benefits, the Kakadu Plum, a superfruit straight from the topmost part of northern Australia. It is widely known for many names like Murunga, Billygoat Plum, Green or Wild plum, Marnybi, Kullari plum, Gubinge, Salty plum, and Gurumal, however, they are all one and the same ingredient.


Now, why should we be excited about it? Although, it has just recently garnered the attention of skincare enthusiasts, however, it has been used for centuries as an out-of-the-box treatment for various diseases and infections. This is definitely good news since we can never have too many ingredients when it boils down to beauty and skin care. This small superfruit is typically green and looks like a cherry or olive.


This small unfamiliar fruit is taking our beauty routine to a higher level since it is packed with awesome natural goodness which is why pharmaceuticals didn’t have any reservations in utilising this as a powerful ingredient in their serums, masks, creams and other skincare products.  Indeed it offers a lot of promise in the skincare world that any beauty eager beaver shouldn’t miss out on.


Now, let’s tackle in more detail why Kakadu Plum is the next big ingredient in the skincare industry…



It is a rich source of Vitamin C.


Listen up ladies, Kakadu Plum actually contains 100 times more Vitamin C than a single orange. Wow, isn’t that something to celebrate? It also contains more Vitamin C than other like Kiwi. It was discovered and was recognised as an important component in the Skin Care industry due to its naturally high levels of Vitamin C content. Right, Vitamin C has always been an essential beauty ingredient that must be present in your daily beauty routine. Now, why is that? It helps keep your skin radiant, firm and blemish-free. Indeed, Vitamin C also helps change how our skin reacts to the sun’s harmful rays and even helps fade acne scars and pigmentation. What more can a beauty-conscious gal ask for?


It helps reduce acne and blemishes.


A common skin problem has always been blemishes and acne. If your skin is prone to these conditions, Kakadu plum contains antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can greatly improve your skin condition, and keep those pesky blemishes and pimples at bay. Some people are also prone to redness and swelling and the anti-inflammatory properties of Kakadu plum will help address this problem.


It is also high in Antioxidants.


Another benefit that makes Kakadu plum a star in its own right in the world of skincare is its antioxidant content. It helps form amino acids that are responsible for producing collagen, which is why this ingredient is essential in keeping the skin healthy, plump and youthful. Using products which contain this ingredient will help improve your complexion and slows the process of ageing, letting you enjoy and appreciate your beauty and radiance a bit more.


It can be used as a treatment for skin infections.


It was used by Australian aboriginals for thousands of years as a traditional medicine, more especially in treating skin infections. It is said that the interior bark of the gubinge is an excellent source of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is helpful in treating infections caused by bacteria, skin disorders like psoriasis as well as minor wounds.


It also helps boost the digestive process.


It does contain a substantial amount of fibre as well as soluble carbohydrates which help preserve Vitamin C in the body, thus, supporting a good and healthy digestive system.


It boosts the Immune System.


Thanks to its high levels of natural Vitamin C content, it helps boost the Immune System. Whenever our lifestyle becomes stressful and the nutrients in the body diminish due to too many strenuous activities, packing up more Vitamin C in your system is the solution to avoid getting sick. So, if you anticipate an unusually busy and strenuous week ahead, remember not to deprive your body with the health benefits of Vitamin C.


It’s another ageing-fighting ingredient that is a must-have.  


I’ve previously mentioned that since Kakadu Plum contains the highest levels of Vitamin C and a notable amount of antioxidants, it helps fight premature signs of ageing and keeps your skin looking younger and more radiant. So, you can lessen your worry about fine lines and wrinkles whenever you make use of skincare products with this ingredient in its contents.


Kakadu Plum is not only useful as an ingredient in Skin Care but can also be consumed as a fruit extract which more than benefits the body and skin in similar ways. Australian aboriginals used to eat this fruit raw because of its health benefits. So, don’t be surprised to find that its natural juice, extract or puree can also be found in desserts, juices, relishes, sauces, ice cream and preserves.


Love Thyself is always on the lookout for ingredients with tons of benefits, not only for the skin but most importantly, our overall health. We also believe that harbouring the goodness of pure, natural and organic ingredients are what keep our skin young, beautiful and healthy. So, if you want to find out just how well Kakadu Plum works for your skin, try any from our careful selections of skin care essentials.


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