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When we check the magazine covers, we often wonder how most of the models and celebrities have those perfect, youthful, glowing skin on cover. We always wonder, how they were able to maintain or achieve that healthy looking skin on almost all occasions and seasons. One of the questions we ask is “What is their secret?”. Indeed, we usually wonder what their skincare routine is and try our luck by finding out what beauty products they personally choose so we can also start using them. Aside from eating the right food and proper exercise, they use sunscreen protection. One of the weird questions we may hear is, “Do we really need to apply sunscreen protection even if it is the winter season already?”.

Dermatologists will say a big YES when asked if we are still to use sunscreen protection even if it is during winter season. The climate will not be a basis to decide when to use it, it is the exposure to the sun’s rays, specifically the UV rays. These harmful rays are the main cause why ageing becomes a growing concern for most people. Choosing the right SPF will prevent it from further damaging your skin.


Sun Protection Factor or SPF products vary from 4 up to 50+. Normally, dermatologists recommend to use no less than SPF15 if there is less exposure time to UV rays. In fact, these numbers would determine how long the product can protect you from sunburn. It is the time spent, not the measurement of how effective the SPF level is. SPFs 30 to 50 are suggested to those people who want to have a safe level of having sun-damaged skin or wrinkles.


There are several products available in the market, you can choose from depending on your skin needs.


For instance, if you are looking for a product that is cruelty free, has organic ingredients and non toxic sunscreen protection, you can try the Eco Tan Natural Rosehip Sunscreen. This type of product is ideal for each member of the family. There is the SPF30 which is perfect for your body and face. Some of the all natural ingredients are Vitamin E, Green Tea extract and Rosehip Oil. It is also non-greasy and could last up to 3 hours.

If you are looking for a sunscreen protection which has natural coconut extracts, the Eco Tan Natural Coconut Sunscreen is what you’re looking for. It can last up to 3 hours when exposed to water, it has natural defenses to protect from harmful sun rays, can be used for face and body. Just make sure to keep your clothings away since it may stain it.


If you are searching for a sunscreen that is free from dairy product ingredients and is vegetarian and gluten free, there is one just right for you and your loved ones. It is so safe that it is recommended even for people who have sensitive skin. This is the Wotnot Natural Suncreen SPF 30. It is formulated with healthy ingredients such as certified organic Aloe Vera as well as Active Micronised Zinc Oxide.


When you want to keep that fresh look without carrying your makeup, there is an all day cream which is Sun & Earth All Day Tinted Cream in Sandy Light, you can use which is perfect for fair skin tones and is naturally friendly and biodegradable. It is also free from any harsh ingredients and has SPF 30 that contains most organic components like olive oil, Vitamin E, organic raw cacao powder, organic cacao butter and beeswax that is sourced locally to ensure your skin gets all the nourishment it deserves.


It might not seem necessary to wear sunscreen protection in Australia because the sunlight is shorter, but the truth is, what can harm you may not be visible yet. So, it is better to outsmart the sun, which hides its harmful rays by using the sunscreen protection that fits your skin type.


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