Top 3 Natural Ingredients to Effectively Heal Scars
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Top 3 Natural Ingredients to Effectively Heal Scars featured image by Love Thyself

When we were young, we often care less about getting wounds and scars as long as we are able to play with other kids. Our parents would always remind us of how to take extra care of ourselves to refrain from hurt and pain from treatment when we get wounded. True enough, until these days you never get the taste of being a kid if you did not get bruises and have marks that are still on your skin up to these days. Scars that you want to erase and just think of the fond memories that you have through your photos.

We have always wondered how to get rid of these scars without spending too much on medications, avoiding harmful chemicals and keeping the healing process simple yet effective. Of course, there are plenty of products out there which will advertise they have researched the most effective components, until you use them. Why risk on using these while you can get the healing process through natural and organic ingredients and see fascinating results!


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Here are some of the best ingredients you need to find:

  • Aloe Vera

It contains one of the most powerful source of vitamins that helps heal or fade acne scars. Typically this ingredients is present in most skin care products as it can serve as an awesome moisturiser which helps soften your skin making it feel and look younger as well as healthier.

Natural ingredients for scar treatment image by Love Thyself

  • Rosehip Oil

This incredible ingredient possesses essential Vitamins C and A, antioxidants, lycopene and essential fatty acids. While most ingredients have the antioxidants as the main element, rosehip oil does have lycopene is widely known to have the same environmental agents of antioxidants, it also contributes in repairing clogged pores and heals skin breakouts. The essential fatty acids work well in keeping the skin hydrated, young looking and best of all, maintaining the natural oil barrier of the skin for a natural lift.

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  • Jojoba Oil

            Jojoba oil has powerful antibacterial properties which help in controlling the presence of bacteria on the skin. While this ingredient has antioxidants that soothe irritated skin, it is also proven to prevent and control acne when used on face. Vitamins A and E are also present in Jojoba oil which makes the healing and scar removal process look naturally. Its natural qualities help the skin moisturised and achieve that healthy glow while it does its purpose.

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These three impressive elements are the ingredients we need to see on the labels whenever we want to see results. Aside from the fact that these contain organic ingredients, it also works well with our nature. Why compromise the environment if we can safely use products that will not harm it? While it may take years for everyone to realise the benefits they could get when using all natural and organic products, it would still be better to at least start it by making a change. A decision to remove the scars without leaving traces against our nature.


Love Thyself offers effective natural scar healing products that contain some of these essential ingredients that we highly recommended if you have scars. Check out these products below and let us know your feedback after your purchase:


Kosmea Rosehip Oil

Kosmea Rosehip Oil image by Love ThyselfRosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil

RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil image by Love Thyself

Every Bit Organic Raw Jojoba Oil

Every Bit Organic Raw Jojoba Oil image by Love Thyself

Embalm Skincare Nurturing Rosehip Oil

Embalm Skincare Nurturing Rosehip Oil image by Love ThyselfJojoba Company Jojoba Oil + Rosehip Oil 30ml

Image of Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil + Rosehip Oil 30ml by Love Thyself Australia


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