Organic and Natural Specialty Products

Health and wellness products have become mainstream in Australia. The growing demand for clean, natural, and organic personal care items, skincare products, and cosmetics have grown exponentially in recent years. More and more companies utilize groundbreaking innovations to produce healthful, socially responsible brands, too.

Specialty products have taken center stage as consumers place their trust on socially responsible companies. The organic beauty and wellness industry in Australia is taking it up a notch by delivering specialty products that answer to the needs of a more conscientious customer base. As majority of consumers pursue a healthier lifestyle, they are more willing to invest in products that boast quality ingredients with safer formulations.

The purchase and use of cruelty free products are testament to our commitment of ending outdated animal testings with friendlier, alternative methods. The Leaping Bunny logo indicates that no animal tests were implemented in the development of a specific line of wellness products.

Vegan friendly products are made from plant-based ingredients. The overwhelming demand for vegan friendly products is a result of their high level of efficacy and potency, as well as non-use of any animal products. This is solid proof that going green is focused on clean, natural wellness.

Gluten free products is part of a niche market that addresses the need for effective and safe personal care items for consumers diagnosed with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance. The use of gluten free skincare formulations is part of a holistic approach for many consumers to alleviate complications or avoid them altogether.

Organic products from socially responsible brands successfully answer numerous issues that plague the beauty and wellness industry. Specialty products promote a more socially conscious consumer base without sacrificing quality, efficacy, safety, and performance.

We share your passion for natural living and holistic wellness. Scan through our pages to find out more about the health, environmental, and social benefits of using specialty products.


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