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With all the emergence of beauty regimens, pink clay masks comes back time after time. We’ve noticed it all over social media, ads and skincare. It’s everywhere. When we talk about taking care of our skin, there is no escaping this hype. With pink clay masks as part of your skin care, it is well known that you won’t lose your natural skin oils. Pink is a colour that is often associated with mildness and softness in nature. In fact, we can find this lovely colour in specific areas like women’s shops, baby stores and some specialty kiosks. Most sellers attract consumers by using it since it immediately catches the attention of almost everyone.

Due to this hype, a lot of masks are out in the market and most of the time, it is practically not easy to choose the best product  because of competitive products. Having said that, pink reemerges with amazing improvements each time. It’s not just the popularity, but the effects after using it. In the past, we’ve had this impression that clay masks cause dryness of skin, which eventually make our skin dull and sometimes dry. At this time, this is absolutely not true! It becomes an essential routine when we need our skin to be at its most supple, firm and cleansed. Pink clay has been known to have properties like iron, calcite, kaolinite and illite to name a few of the ingredients which make the product fulfill its purpose and provide exceptional results.


How to Apply Pink Clay Mask?

How to use it is a piece of cake. If you want to apply it evenly on your face, simply get a flat angled facial brush and put some pink clay on it and leave it on for a few minutes. You may sip your favorite drink while waiting, listen to relaxing music and feel the mask as it dries on your skin. After a few minutes, wash your face with a little warm water and gently wipe it using a clean cloth. If you have other beauty routine, you may do it after this simple application. This is recommended whenever there are occasions needing your skin to look at its finest. Skincare products may come and go, but the truth of the matter is, the impression of the reputation lives on as time goes by.

Pink Clay Mask Benefits

There are multiple skin care benefits we get when we start using it like:

Removal of Dead Skin Cells. As you apply the clay mask, it gently works on removing dead skin cells.

Makes the skin firmer. Reduces pores without getting rid of natural skin oils.

Smoothens the skin. You will instantly feel the difference after one application, your skin becomes smoother.

Restores Natural Glow. Your skin will regain its radiance after each application.

Pink Clay Masks as a Perfect Gift

This product is a perfect gift for anyone who is very particular with skin care. It brings a wonderful surprise to the user that what comes inside the box is beyond the packaging. Most people who started using it have given their testimonies and they started switching to this product as part of their regimen.

Now at this time, you are ready to be face everyone in style and with confidence that Pink Clay Mask won’t put you down because once again, it has revived its simple, quick yet astonishing results.

For awesome Pink Clay Masks made with only natural ingredients, Love Thyself offers these amazing products that you can incorporate in your skincare routine.

Zen Botanics – Exfoliating Pink Clay Mask 55g

Babs Bodycare – Pink Clay & Cacao Face Mask 40g

Image of Babs Bodycare Gentle Clay Face Mask 40g by Love Thyself Australia

From Earth – Organic Rose And Australian Pink Clay Face Mask



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  1. Lauren Manton 11 months ago

    I love the Pink Clay Face Mask from Babs Bodycare. The mask smells good enough to use and leave my face feeling awesome.

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