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Skin Detox

Alright, in case you haven’t started the process of exfoliation or using a loofah shower to exfoliate, you should know that it’s considered the foundation of a good skincare routine. If you fail to exfoliate the right way, then all the money you’ve spent on serums, moisturisers and other skincare products to improve your skin are all for nothing. Don’t know this yet? Then listen up and follow the tips we provide in this article, so you’ll know exactly how to exfoliate your skin.

Have you heard of all the marketing and commercials that encourages you to use AHA or BHA cleansers because these are the only products you’ll need for exfoliation? Well, forget about that because most of these cleansers are laden with chemicals and synthetic ingredients that harm your skin instead of adding radiance. Not to mention the number of times you constantly use these products and end up with a skin that’s dull, dry and lacking the radiance you seek. A simple loofah scrubbing sponge is what you’ll need to start exfoliating.

Is it true that exfoliation with an all natrural loofah sponge thins out your skin which is not good overall? Well, it’s true that exfoliate removesexfoliating loofah stubborn dead skin cells but it’s absolutely good for your skin. Exfoliation is exactly what you need to achieve a smooth and radiant complexion.

Our skin is a dynamic organ and the more you exfoliate, the more it encourages cellular turnover in which new and healthy skin cells replace the dead and old ones. This process also boosts collagen production, wherein the thickness is given the support it needs to improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

Some are afraid to exfoliate because their skin is dry and lack lustre. If this is the reason why you never thought about incorporating this smart process into your skincare routine, then think again.

Your complexion could be dry due to the thick layer of old skin cells that clog your pores from much needed moisture. Even if you buy the most expensive anti-ageing serums, it won’t do any good if those unwanted dry flakes are blocking your pores from absorbing any of the nutrients or ingredients you apply.

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Exfoliation is a continuous process which must be done on a regular basis. You don’t necessarily have to do it every day but at least twice a week would make a huge improvement on your complexion. Although, this process doesn’t entirely turn back time and transform your skin back to how it looked ten years ago, but it does knock off several years if you exfoliate diligently. Ageing is a normal and inevitable process. To say that we can avoid it is untrue, but we can reduce our chances of accumulating fine lines and wrinkles through exfoliation.

A loofah is the simplest exfoliating tool that you can purchase. If you ask yourself, “Where can I buy a loofah?” then you not need to look elsewhere. By searching loofah in Love Thyself’s search bar, you’ll see natural and plant-based sponges and scrubs that you can use for your skincare routine. Try them out now and start exfoliating your skin the proper way because it definitely has so much goodness instore for your skin.


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