Why It’s Alright To Splurge On Organic Products
Skin Care

We know that we need beauty and skincare products but are they really worth it especially when they cost more than the average conventional products?

You’ve probably noticed this fact and this not only applies to beauty or skincare products but even household cleaners that claim to contain only organic ingredients have a higher price tag.

Indeed they are worth it if you are concerned about what ingredients touches your skin on a regular basis. Organic skincare and beauty products have a higher price tag because of the overall goodness from natural plant extracts and oils you get from it.

These products typically have a higher concentration of organic oils as compared to conventional products that contain mostly additives or synthetic ingredients.


Why Do You Need to Spend More on Organic Beauty Or Skincare Products?


  1. The formulation is more potent as it contains more botanical ingredients than conventional products. Think about better formulation with more healthy goodness for your skin than chemical additives and preservatives.


  1. You’ll get faster and better results even though you’re using less product. Although the shelf life of organic products is short compared to traditional ones, you’ll get faster and better results due to more plant extracts and oils it contains. Conventional products usually contain more water, mostly 70% or more aqua or water in their formulations and the rest are preservatives.


  1. Safe and healthy for your overall skin. Conventional products are manufactured in mass productions which is why their price tags are cheaper. With organic products, they are typically manufactured in small batches and these companies do a lot to preserve their ingredients, so that’s why the costs in production are higher.


  1. It’s a good investment considering the optimum results you get. You use just a small amount but get optimum results quickly without worrying about synthetic ingredients in your skincare or beauty products.


For the first-timers or those who are hesitant to switch to organic, don’t you think it’s about time to try the healthy benefits of organic products? Our skin always deserves the best ingredients in order to maintain its suppleness and elasticity.


There are many brands that claim to sell organic but it’s always a smart decision to do some research behind the company before you make your purchase. Sometimes it can be daunting considering the high price tags of organic beauty and skin care but knowing trusted companies makes the search a whole lot easier and less of a hassle.


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