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A soothing bath or shower can never be complete without the right shower accessories like a natural loofah sponge or brush to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the body. These shower accessories were specially designed to deeply cleanse the body from every corner. You need not settle on using a simple soap or body wash to rid your body of excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Purchasing an accessory that is derived from natural means and with quality in mind optimises the process of exfoliating your skin. Natural also means they’re eco-friendly so you are also doing the planet a favour by choosing natural and plant-based bath accessories.

Determining the best shower loofah doesn’t need to be complicated. You can stick with a natural loofah body sponge that is affordably priced. There are artificial sponges and scrubs that are made with synthetic materials and you shouldn’t dwell on those. To see optimum results exfoliation must be done consistently, which means that you’ll be using the bath accessory on a regular basis. So, it’s best to use a sponge made from materials that are safe and natural. This way you are confident that while clearing out your body of unwanted excess oil and grime, you’re not actually harming it by using a scrub or sponge that is made from harmful chemicals.

Love Thyself Natural Loofah Body Sponge, Scrub and Brushes

Wondering  where to buy loofah brushes, scrubs and sponges? Check out the shower accessories that are selected carefully by Love Thyself. These items are all natural and eco-friendly, thus definitely good for you.

Natural Shower Loofah

Natural Shower Loofah 01
A lightweight and breathable loofah that is soft and reliable especially in effectively cleansing and revitalising the skin transforming your dull complexion to supple and smooth. Don’t miss out on a relaxing and soothing exfoliation. If you’re planning to travel soon, this is the perfect loofah body sponge that is easy to carry anywhere you go. This item also helps your body’s blood circulation as you regularly exfoliate. With this really handy tool, you can further enjoy a relaxing and soothing shower especially after a tiring day at work.


Detox Dry Body Brush

Image of Bodecare - Detox FSC Dry Body Brush by Love Thyself Australia
A superior, non-toxic dry body brush that’s perfect for a whole body exfoliation before taking a shower. This brush prepares your body smoothing out any unnecessary dead skin cells giving you a well-polished skin ready for a good cleansing. Made from a reputable and e eco-friendly company, Bodecare provides durable bath tools that help optimise your shower experience. The bristles are carefully designed for first-time users and sensitive skin types. For optimum results, brush towards your major lymph nodes including neck, under your arms, behind the knees and groin.

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Love Thyself is your partner in skincare and beauty essentials so we are truly confident that any of these shower accessories will provide quality and efficiency like no other at an affordable loofah price, so you will certainly get what you rightfully deserve, which is a luxurious and soothing bath or shower. To see more of our natural exfoliation tools, click here.

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  1. Georgina Wilson 3 years ago

    I loved Bodecare body and face brushes because they are made from plant bristles and eco friendly materials. I’m amazed by how these brushes work and that they are completely safe and natural!

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