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Does your work or occupation require you to be present in the field, and under the heat of the sun several hours a day? Do you often spend time outdoors travelling and going around the city due to your business? Do you love visiting the beach and swimming your heart out whenever you have the chance? Whatever the case may be, you may need to protect your skin from sunburn.

Sunburn takes place when your skin’s resistance against the UV rays of the sun goes beyond the limit. In such situations, you get a darker shade to your skin and it usually hurts over time. The final stage of this process is peeling, and you will begin to see that a particular area of your skin getting peeled off, revealing new skin beneath.

While there are some people who want to get a tan, there are also some who want to retain their fair-looking skin. If you belong to the second group, then you should put a sunscreen to protect you.

Not all Sunscreens are Created Equal

However, before rushing to the market to buy the most popular brand in your area, you better check if it is composed of natural or chemical ingredients. Believe it or not, chemical sunscreens are very popular and most of their consumers are not aware of the possible harmful effects of such products.

Most people today believe that if a product is popular, it means it is 100 percent effective and safe. Not necessarily so. For sunscreens that contain chemicals, there are possible risks that should not be overlooked.

Here are some potential risks that people face when they use a sunscreen that is full of chemicals:

• Chemicals build up within body fat, and in breast milk – Sunscreen dries on top of your skin, but its contents and
ingredients seep into your bloodstream, later on forming within your body. This can be a dangerous situation especially for lactating mothers.Natural Sunscreen image by Love Thyself Australia

• May cause early onset puberty – The chemicals and synthetic substances found in chemical sunscreen may lead to early puberty among children. While this condition is not that dangerous, it could be difficult for the child to adjust right away.

• Could cause allergies – Some chemical compounds can cause allergies when they come in contact with the skin or body. Mild allergies may range from itching to rashes, while severe allergies are dangerous and need immediate health care.

• May promote the production of free radicals in the skin – A study claims that some chemicals oxidize when they get in contact with UV rays. When this happens, free radicals may accumulate on top of the skin.

• May cause skin to age faster – The problem with most chemical sunscreens is that they may not completely block the UV rays from the sun. Instead, they form a barrier on top of the skin to keep the UV rays from having contact with the topmost layer. However, they may allow UV rays to penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

These are just a few risks that a person faces whenever he or she uses chemical sunscreens that are cheaper and easier to find in the market. Thankfully, there is a better, easier, and safer solution to your sunburn problems.

Opting for Organic Sunscreen

If you want to avoid getting sunburn but choose a safe and trusted product, then you may opt for an all natural sunscreen. A chemical free sunscreen may be a little more expensive than the leading chemical-based brands, but it ensures the safety and wellbeing of its users.

But what is so special about these organic sunscreens? When I say organic, that means no pesticides, chemicals and other synthetic ingredients were used in creating such products. Because it is made up of natural substances, you can be sure that there will be no adverse side effects when you use them.

Before you decide to actually purchase the best organic sunscreen you can find, it is worth noting that there are three different levels or types of ‘organic’:

100% Organic

This is what you need if you are aiming to get a sunscreen product that is 100 percent safe and pure. When we say organic, it means all of its contents, and throughout its production no artificial substance was used. You won’t have any problems using this type of sunscreen over and over again.


When a product claims that it is ‘organic’, it means that a minimum of 95 percent of all its ingredients is natural. So what about the remaining 5 percent? You may never know. This may include some synthetic minerals and ingredients that may actually counter the benefits and efficiency of the organic composition.

Made with organic ingredients

Beware of such products in the market that claim that they are made with organic materials. While this may ‘look good’ on the outside, it does not mean it is safe to use. According to the National Organic Program, a product with this label means that a minimum of 70 percent of all ingredients are organic, while the remaining 30 percent are non-natural substances.

As you can notice, big manufacturers will do anything just to sway consumers into buying their products. However, if you know better, you won’t be easily swayed.

If you want to enjoy the best organic sunscreen, then make sure that it is composed of 100% all organic substances. Do not settle for any brand just because the label says ‘made with organic ingredients.’

What to Look for in Your Sunscreen

Now that you are aware which sunscreen products are not good, it is time to acquaint yourself with products that can safely provide your desired results. There are various natural sunscreens that are available in the market right now, although there are some that certainly stand out.

Finding the perfect sunscreen to fit your needs is difficult, but with the right tools and information, you can eventually get it.

These are some of the substances and minerals that these top-notch sunscreens have:Organic Sunscreen image by Love Thyself Australia

• Minerals – Minerals are good because they have positive effects to the body. In fact, the body has a number of essential minerals to keep it functioning properly. Studies also show that mineral sunscreens take effect the moment they are applied to the skin. However, the presence of certain minerals in a brand does not automatically mean that a product is safe. Some chemical sunscreens today are now adding minerals to their ingredients to lure unsuspecting consumers.

• The SPF number – The Sun Protection Factor measures how effective a sunscreen is in filtering harmful UV rays from the sun. If you are going to pick any sunscreen brand, make sure it has a decent level SPF number.

• Broad spectrum – This is what you should be looking for in a sunscreen. A broad spectrum sunscreen means that it can block both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. A sunscreen that has an SPF number of 15 and above is considered broad spectrum.

• Quality brand – Before purchasing any sunscreen in the market, make sure that it is a decent brand, or it comes from a known manufacturer. If these details are not possible, just make sure that you can contact the manufacturer for feedback.

• Customer reviews and ratings – Speaking of feedback, one of the simplest and easiest ways to find the perfect sunscreen is by checking social media sites and search engines. Usually, quality sunscreen brands are mentioned frequently in those places in the Internet.

It is very important to choose the finest sunscreen in the market. Whether you are searching for the best sunscreen for your face, or a special sunscreen for sensitive skin, there is one factor that should always come into play – it should be 100% organic.

So where can you find these kinds of natural products? Fortunately, more manufacturers and businesses are beginning to care about their consumers. As a result, they are offering products that can safely be used without leaving any adverse side effects.

Protecting your Skin…and More

Indeed, a sunscreen is a very important product not only for women who are conscious about their fair skin. It is also a protection against diseases that result from too much exposure to the sun. One of the most dangerous and fatal of these diseases is skin cancer.

So if you are often outdoors doing your job, or whatever it is that you love doing, make sure you have the necessary protection for your skin. A chemical sunscreen can work well, but a 100% organic sunscreen is much, much better.

If you want to know more about natural sunscreen products, SPF and skin care, you may want to check out UV Natural Sunscreen Sport 30+. This sunscreen is made up of 100 percent pure organic ingredients and minerals. Some of its contents include zinc, grape seed oil, macadamia oil, green tea extract, colloidal silica, lavender, and iron oxide.

Contact a trusted online seller near you to get your UV Natural Sunscreen Sport 30+. With this SPF number, this sunscreen can definitely block any UV rays going your way.

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  1. Kathy 3 years ago

    I’ve learned so much about sunscreens when I become an outdoor enthusiast. It really helps minimise the red veins and blotchiness on my face.

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