What Is A Loofah And How Does Your Skin Benefit From It?

What Is A Loofah And How Does Your Skin Benefit From It?

A natural loofah has been around for years, this popular bath accessory was made from the dried-out fibrous vegetable classified among the Cucurbitaceous or Cucumber family. Also known as luffa, the fruit of this plant is sometimes harvested before it ripens to prepare delicious dishes. When the plant ripens, the skin is typically removed; the fruit deseeded and dried out to provide a fibrous loofah sponge that is awesome for many reasons.

What is the loofah used for?

For many years, the plant has been used as a popular kitchen scrub because of its efficiency in cleaning and polishing dishes then eventually, it has been popularised as a bath or shower accessory. Once ripened and seeds removed, the luffa and its network of fibres becomes a spongy tool especially when soaked in soapy water. Its spongy and rough characteristics make it a favourable tool to use as an exfoliating sponge.

In exfoliating skin, it’s important to use a sponge or scrub with enough roughness to scrub away unwanted dry flakes to reveal a smooth and rosy surface. Some people say it’s better to use your hands; however, it is not that efficient in removing those dead skin cells that usually block our pores and make our skin appear dull.

How to choose the best body loofah?

When choosing the best body loofahs that suit you, go for those that are natural or plant-based. Although, synthetic sponges are also available in the market, just from the smell you’d know that the product is made from artificial materials and not from the plant itself.

Natural loofah is typically pale in colour and has the herbaceous smell. Most of these are sold in their original fruit shape which is cylindrical in form; however, you may find that some are sliced into the shape of discs that are sold as a set or individually.

How your skin and health benefits from using a loofah sponge?

Using a sponge or scrub regularly prior to bathing or showering offers many benefits, not only to our skin but our overall health as well. As a bath accessory, it helps scrape the damaged and dead skin cells revealing a cleansed and well-polished complexion. Other than this, it helps purify and get rid of impurities as well as toxins from our bloodstream.

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When to stop using your natural loofah?

As all things expire so does your bath scrub, most often a typical loofah sponge lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. Due to the porous nature of sponges, bacteria and fungus can easily accumulate if they are not properly cleaned and disinfected after use.

One of the most common things that need to be avoided is leaving the sponge to dry inside the bathroom where the environment is moist. It must be cleaned and allowed to dry somewhere cool. After which, they must be replaced when you start noticing a mouldy appearance or odour to avoid infection.

Now that you know what a loofah is, start using it prior to your shower so you can witness how this bathing accessory can do wonders to your skin.

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