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Weleda Products – All Natural and Cruelty-Free Products for Consumers Who Care article image by Love Thyself

With the continuing rise of natural and organic products throughout the market, it’s a little bit confusing and complicated to determine whether or not the products you purchase are indeed “all natural” unless you take a closer look at their ingredients. The confusing part lies on the actual ingredients used and more often, scientific names are like difficult words in the dictionary you just want to avoid.

Not everyone has the time to do some research either, even though this may be the most sensible thing to do. But, if you discover a trust-worthy brand that you can rely on that use organic plant-based ingredients, then this not only helps save you time and money, you’ll also treat yourself to real “all natural” products that are beneficial for your skin and general health.

This is why Weleda Products is a great company to invest your money and health in. For them, having high standards and quality isn’t just a one-time thing since they constantly develop new standards for the welfare of their consumers for them to be able to make wise choices.

When “All Natural” Really Means “All Natural”

Weleda ensures the highest quality and standards with all their products, so if they say “all natural”, then it really means all natural ingredients and certified natural skincare, thus, no synthetic preservatives, no artificial fragrances and toxic chemicals added to any of their product ranges. This gives us peace of mind knowing that the products we use are safe and healthy and of course, it works!

These are also cruelty-free, as they never test their ingredients or products on animals and same goes with their suppliers. The company has actively participated and consistently garnered certifications for the following: International Natrue StandardsInternational Biodynamic Standards, European Union Manufacturing Standards, Kosher Certification as well as Union for Ethical Bio Trade.

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Here are some Weleda Products that are great for your daily skin care and health routine:

A great example of amazing all natural and must-have products are as follows:

The Weleda Tea which is a Nursing Tea contains 100% certified plant-based ingredients to promote healthy breastfeeding and milk flow for mothers and their newborns.

The Weleda Oil which is a Stretch Mark Massage Oil is a nourishing massage oil for expecting mothers that helps prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

Another amazing product is the Weleda Cream which is a Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream that nourishes and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier during its restoration phase at night time.

The Weleda toothpaste which is a Salt Toothpaste is a healthy and fluoride-free toothpaste which contains sea salt that naturally cleans and polishes your enamel.

There are still so many products to mention that promote your general health without the need to research each and every one to ensure that they are truly natural and organic.

With Weleda’s passion and vision, it is a whole lot easier to purchase these kinds of products without spending too much time on research and deciding whether you should buy the product.The price is another thing to be excited about as these are typically affordable and easy on any family’s budget.

For the best Weleda Products that suit your preference and needs, visit Love Thyself’s brand’s section for a complete list of items you can purchase under this particular brand and you definitely won’t be disappointed.


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