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Most people recognise the value of a particular object based on rarity. However, if that particular object also has a ton of health benefits and effects, then that makes it a must have. This is exactly what argan oil is to the world.

Extracted from the argan tree, argan oil is used in either food preparation or for skincare purposes. The interesting detail is that argan trees only grow in one country  – Morocco, in northwest Africa.

In the past few decades, argan has been among the most popular oils that are used in the cosmetic industry, as well as in food preparation. In fact, its popularity has moved the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to declare the Argan Forest in Morocco as a Biosphere Reserve in 1998.

How is Argan Oil Extracted?

If argan oil is so popular in cosmetic manufacture, how is it even prepared? Similar to other organic oils, argan oil is extracted from its round or cone-shaped fruit. This fruit undergoes a variety of processes in order for the oil to be extracted from its nut.

The nut contains argan kernels where the oil will be extracted. Extraction is very important in the production of argan oil where it can be used either as a culinary or a cosmetic ingredient. It requires a number of steps:argan oil

  • Drying of the fruit before removal of the pulp – This can be done either mechanically or by
    hand. Moroccans usually do it by hand so they can use the pulp as animal food.
  • Cracking the argan nut open – Inside each fruit is the nut that should be cracked open to obtain the oil-rich kernels. While some manufacturers tried to do this mechanically, they all failed. Currently, the folks to this tedious process by hand.
  • Roasting of the argan kernels – This process is necessary if the oil will be used for culinary purposes. It usually leaves a nutty scent to the oil that is a great addition to dishes.
  • Grinding and pressing of the kernels – Finally, the workers would then grind and press the kernels until the pure argan oil comes out.

After this process, the argan oil will be poured into containers where it will sit for about two weeks. This will allow some of the solid residue to be deposited at the bottom. The oil will be filtered several times according to how clear the oil should be.

Argan Oil Benefits

Once the oil is filtered and placed in separate containers, it may now serve a multitude of argan oil uses. Most Moroccan households use the oil in cooking or in preparation of certain dishes such as salads. Some even use the oil as a traditional dip to bread, while others add other flavors and ingredients to make it similar to butter.

However, probably one of the best argan oil uses discovered is that it can provide benefits to the skin. If the purpose of a particular argan oil is for cosmetic manufacture, workers would go straight to grinding and pressing without roasting the kernels.

In case you are wondering how good argan oil is, here are the top seven benefits it can do for your skin:organic argan oil

  1. A natural skin moisturizer – One of the most important characteristics of argan oil is that it is quickly absorbed by the skin. When it is absorbed, the skin will feel moisturized, preventing dull and dry skin. If you take one or two drops of argan oil and apply it on a particular area, it would not leave any residue.
  2. One-stop acne solution – Acne is a very common problem and some people just want to do whatever they believe would help reduce or dry acne and pimples. Research shows that argan oil can reduce the level of sebum or the ‘oil’ that is excreted by the sebum glands under the skin. 
  3. Stretch marks and scar remover – If you have stretch marks due to pregnancy or weight loss, using argan oil a few times a day can help reduce the marks. On the other hand, if you do want to prevent stretch marks, argan oil improves the elasticity of your skin. Just apply the oil on potential problem areas like your thighs and stomach.
  4. A worthy massage oil ingredient – Most people think argan oil can only help and benefit facial skin. In the same way, mixing this oil to a particular massage solution can be helpful for an entire body massage. Mix it with another moisturizer such as coconut oil and massage your entire body. You will definitely feel relaxed and refreshed.
  5. A non-grease hair styler and conditioner – Another benefit of argan oil is that it can be used to moisturize the scalp. Argan oil for the hair is also effective, allowing you to style your hair any way you want. In addition, it also helps repair damaged hair such as split ends.
  6. Solution to chapped or dry lips – Don’t you just hate dry and chapped lips? Aside from the fact that they hurt, they don’t look too good either. Good thing argan oil can be used in relieving this pain, and moisturizing the lips. This is one reason argan oil is present in some lip gloss and lip balm products.
  7. Ideal way to keep nails healthy – Aside from using it on the face, skin, scalp and lips, argan oil is also effective in keeping nails healthy. Before applying this oil, make sure you clean and rinse your nails, ridding them of any nail polish. Then, dot a drop of argan oil in each nail and rub it the entire surface of the nail. Allow the oil to treat your nails for a few minutes, and then rinse well.

In addition to these benefits, some people have reported that using argan oil in treating burns, irritations and damaged skin is also effective. Indeed, this natural oil is one of a kind, and a must have inside your closet.

What Makes Argan Oil so Good?

As mentioned above, argan oil is helpful and beneficial to your skin in more ways than one. It is worth noting that this oil can be used in cooking and food preparation, in the creation of DIY cosmetic products, or even as a standalone moisturizer.

But what makes it do all these things?


According to research, argan oil contains high amounts of antioxidants that can help fight free radical buildup within cells. Free radicals often appear inside the cells due to stress, unhealthy habits and an unhealthy diet. When the free radicals dominate your cells, they will feel weak and easily damaged. This is exactly what happens to your skin on a day-to-day basis.

However, with the help of a natural antioxidant such as argan oil, your cells will become much healthier, and less prone to diseases. As a result, you will be able to obtain a younger and more youthful look.

Vitamin E

In addition to antioxidants, argan oil is also rich in Vitamins E, which is also known as tocopherols. These are fat-soluble alcohols that help in keeping the cell membranes of skin cells stable.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids or EFAs are ‘essential’ because they are needed by the human body to carry out certain physical operations and processes. However, these fatty acids should not be confused with fats, which are stored energy. There should be a constant supply of EFAs for the body because it does not create them itself.

Beta Carotene

Its name derived from the word ‘carrot,’ beta-carotene is a precursor of Vitamin A that is needed by the body on a daily basis. Aside from being present in carrots, beta-carotene can also be found in many plants, one of which is the slow-growing argan tree.

Where to Buy Argan Oil

Truly, argan oil is a gift to mankind. While it has just recently been discovered and applied for cosmetic use worldwide, the tradition of using it in Morocco spans centuries. However, many believe that in order to get the best and organic argan oil, one should visit Arganeraie in southwestern Morocco.

Thankfully, there are reputable manufacturers that only provide pure argan oil in the market. Aside from setting up physical stores, there are those that run online shops as well. This means wherever you are across the globe, as long as an international postal courier can reach you, you can have access to the many wonderful benefits of argan oil.

If you are searching for a good argan oil brand, you should definitely try Every Bit Organic Raw’s Argan Oil. Packed in a small 50mL bottle, the argan oil can be used freely for whatever you are need of. We also got Acure Argan Oil available on stock if you are searching for other option. Whether you want to put some in your hair, skin, or lips, the argan oil can weave its magic. To know more about organic argan oil products, you may check out Love Thyself. Love Thyself is the ultimate and most trusted source of organic products and goods online.

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  1. Grace Ifould 3 years ago

    I’ve tried different expensive moisturizers, oils, and creams, and none ever beat this product. I had oily skin, so I was a bit worried to try oil as a moisturizer. I’m scared that it might cause break outs but the result was opposite . I would recommend this oil if you want a natural moisturiser!

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