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Just imagine bringing lip moisturiser, shaving oil, makeup remover, or a hair conditioner inside your bag. Isn’t it practical to simply bring a small bottle that can be used in a lot of ways? A wide variety of oils are out in the market and one might just end up choosing the wrong product. It is important that we select the type of oil that has a close resemblance to our natural skin oil, it is the Jojoba oil.


Most people do not know the benefits and the uses of Jojoba oil. The versatility of its functions has been just unbelievable. Have you thought about getting one product which will work on your hair, body and face all at the same time? Let me show you some of the ways on how to use it:



  • Facial Moisturiser: You could use it during the day to balance the oily look as long as you do not over-apply it on your face. You may use additional drops at night if you need extra moisture. You’ll immediately see the difference. It fights skin aging, too.


  • As a Body Moisturiser: Unlike other oils, this is less greasy than it seems. As soon as you apply it on your body, you’ll just love the warmth and natural glow of your skin.


  • Hair Conditioner: If you want to have that soft and natural shine look on your hair, try using it before you shampoo. Leave it on your hair and scalp for at least ten minutes before you shampoo. The result is amazing, the hair gets the protection and nutrients it needs without putting too much effort.


  • Makeup Removing Ingredient: This all natural and organic oil will wipe out makeup in no time and will leave no harmful chemicals that will cause irritation to your skin.


  • For Shaving: You may use this as an aftershave moisturising oil. It gives a glow and natural look of your tired skin.


  • Enhancing Hair Growth: Constant use will improve the follicles and leaves hair with strength and protection.


  • Lip Moisturiser: Using a drop on your lips one before your day starts and one before going to bed. This makes your lips eliminate the flakes that make it look dry.


You may perhaps wonder who can use it? Will it be alright to use on sensitive or super dry skin? Anyone can use it. There you go. This natural ingredient is somewhat similar to our natural skin oil. What it does is it treats all the imperfections on your skin, scalp and even your hair! With the right amount of use, you will surely achieve what you desire by using one simple product that may come handy.


The product is so great that each and every day we get to discover the results that are here to stay. It is also a perfect gift for your friends and family. They will not just see the difference, but will be grateful that you gave them an essential item that would be part of their daily routine for the rest of their lives.


Ready to transform your skin for the better? Check out these natural Jojoba oil products for your daily beauty routine:


Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil 30ml

Image of Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil 30ml by Love Thyself Australia


Just Jojoba – Jojoba Oil 125ml


Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil + Rosehip Oil 30ml

Bodecare – Jojoba Body Oil 100ml

Image of Bodecare - Jojoba Body Oil 100ml by Love Thyself Australia


Every Bit Organic Raw – Jojoba Oil 100ml

Jojoba Company – Youth Potion 50ml


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