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Your flight schedule, hotel bookings, packed luggage and travel itineraries are not the only stuff you need to worry about when you’re heading off to another one of your adventures. But, a well-thought-out travel-proof skincare routine must certainly be high up on your list on what to do because, guess what, you will be at least 31,000 feet above the ground which means that your skin is going to need some special attention and care whenever you jet-set to another location.

Oh, there are plenty of daunting factors that could put your skin to a test when you travel. Your skin complements your appearance in so many ways and in order for your pictures to look awesome, inspiring and enviable; you’re going to have to ensure that it gets the nourishment and nutrition it deserves. The worst thing that could happen is when your skin looks dull, lacklustre or moisture-drained. Such experience would undoubtedly sap the excitement and wonderment mercilessly, a common feeling people deserve to feel when they travel, especially to new places.

If you’re far from being convinced, why there’s a need to be a bit attentive to your skincare routine whilst you travel, remember that being on a flight exposes you to dry and recirculated air as well as the sun’s unforgiving heat at least 10,000 feet nearer.  And furthermore, you’re going to have to consider the duration of your flight, and if you’re lucky, it’ll only take an hour but what if you have to endure a 16-hour long flight?

Undeniably, carefully planning the skincare products you have to bring along with you on your trip sounds like a good idea. Here are some of the best tips we’ve drawn up so you can better enjoy your holiday with radiant and glowing skin.


Travel-Proof Skincare and Beauty Essentials



Don’t ever forget your Moisturiser.


You may have heard countless times the importance of keeping your skin hydrated, and it is for a good reason. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the natural moisture of your skin can be easily drained due to the condition and factors that surround you while on a flight. A good moisturiser is the only thing that keeps your skin from being dull, lacklustre and drained from its natural moisture. A sufficient nourishing moisturiser will keep your skin radiant and glowing during throughout the flight, and after you’ve landed, you’ll feel better knowing that your skin is ready for some photo op because it deserves to be seen on your social media.


Bring along a reliable Sunscreen as well.


Being high up in the sky means you’re closer to the sun, hence, a reliable sunscreen with at least 30 SPF or higher will suffice to keep your skin protected from skin damage. You might as well turn the window shade down while you’re at it; although, the feathery clouds and the fascinating cerulean sky might make you forget about sun protection for a minute, but keep in mind that this is not something you should trifle with, especially if you plan on keeping fine lines and ageing signs at bay a bit longer.


Set aside new products and stick to what typically works for your skin.


Once you’ve finally discovered what actually works for your skin, it’s better to stick to your existing skincare routine rather than experimenting on new skincare whilst you are on your travels. The reason behind this is quite simple really; you already know what works for you so it’s not necessary to try and experiment on new products form which results are still unknown.

There are many plausible things that could happen, worst things at that, for example, the product doesn’t live up to its promise, or what’s probably worse is if your skin reacts negatively or allergies may arise due to the product’s ingredients not suitable for your skin. Do you want to take the risk? I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d skip the idea of experimenting on new products and you’re definitely right to do so.


Take along with you some natural Facial Wipes.


With an emphasis on natural and alcohol-free, you’d want to use natural facial wipes to keep your skin fresh and clean when you’re in flight. If you have to endure what seems like a long and endless flight, you can keep your skin clean and fresh by using natural face wipes. It’s absolutely a necessity, and since this product is quite versatile, you can use it for other purposes as well.


Oh and don’t forget your facial cleanser or toner as well.


You can bring along a facial cleanser since it effectively removes dirt and other annoying impurities that cannot be simply rid by using face wipes. It also balances your skin and keeps it refreshed and clean, ready for the next step, which is adding your moisturiser.


Finally, you no longer need to hesitate whenever your travel needs arise. Just remember to embrace and follow these travel-proof skincare tips and you can be certain that your skin will remain healthy and protected and you can expect some skin-enviable moments while you take amazing photos for your social media profiles.





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  1. Ellie Cumbrae-Stewart 2 years ago

    When I’m traveling, I always bring travel size essentials or sample kits because I hate carrying large full sized products. I prefer tiny sizes, so they can all fit nicely inside my small makeup bag.

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