The Real Truth About Your Dependable Shower Loofah
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The Real Truth about Your Dependable Shower Loofah article image by Love Thyself

Loofah or luffa has indeed left its mark in history that for thousands of years this fibrous bathroom accessory has been embraced by many as a dependable, affordable and effective means of exfoliating your skin. It is no longer enough to simply use your hands and a bar of soap or body wash if you are considering exfoliation as part of your skincare regime. Exfoliation is a necessary process in achieving beautiful, glowing and silky smooth skin.

Now, the question that is on mind of most people is whether bath loofah is hygienic or not. I found mostly from experience that it depends on the steps you take in properly taking care of it and making sure it is kept clean. For instance, it is essential to rinse and dry it completely after every use. While most people simply hang it in the shower after use, this is not recommended considering that your bathroom can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs to accumulate in your loofah scrub.

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Should you skip using a loofah shower accessory?

Germs and bacteria thrive in wet environment and the fibrous texture of luffa makes it easy for these disgusting microbes to feel right at home if it is left to dry inside the bathroom. As you continuously use this bathroom accessory, dirt and oil from the body are likely to cling to its surface which makes it imperative to follow proper steps in keeping your shower loofah clean. Let it dry completely in a place where there is little moisture and sunlight can help in its sanitation. It is also necessary to soak your luffa in a combination of water and bleach.

What type of loofah is best for exfoliation?

For as long as I can remember, manufacturers have developed all sorts of luffa made from natural to synthetic materials that it is no longer limited to scrubs. Luffa brushes and loofah shower mat are made available for public use due to its uses and benefits especially in exfoliation. However, the question to choose natural over artificial types is still debatable.

Some opt for natural luffa due to the absence of toxic or chemical materials used while others prefer artificial types due to its longevity. Natural types need to be replaced every two to three weeks while synthetic types can last up to two months before they need replacing. Depending on one’s preference or priority, both are considered effective bath accessories in terms of exfoliating one’s skin.

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Where to purchase great quality luffa, scrubs and sponges?

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