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I started to follow many personalities on social media because I admire how they look, how they became successful and try to see if their regimen will work on my skin, too. While I read and enjoy how their stories go, I also noticed some would switch from one brand to another. So I find ask myself these questions.

Does it have anything to do with an endorsement? What made them stop using the products? Do they get financial rewards after their switch? Or was it really just their experience that made them start using another brand? A lot of questions which we just simply need honest answers.


One particular personality got my attention when a sudden change of products went viral informing the rest of her followers that she was advised to stop using the products she used to promote. In fact, these products claimed to be organic and she consulted with a dermatologist that some of the ingredients found in those beauty products caused her skin to be irritated, some even came from natural oils.



I was disheartened and disagreed with the way she blatantly told her followers about her decision. First and foremost, the skincare line she had been using may have been formulated differently from the other organic skin care I am using for the longest time, I must say.

There are several reasons that got me thinking while I was “arguing” with her on my mind. I personally made research about certain skin care companies and observed how those products can be promising without compromising the quality to their consumers.

Recently, I thought about making it public to share my thoughts that could help others be meticulous and have those strong unverified statements be corrected, instantly. I listed some of the best practices to achieve the perfect skincare quality we all deserve.


  • The skincare business is a huge industry all over the world. To be honest, these manufacturing companies are not even entirely regulated. It has been an ongoing issue when you hear complaints from consumers. There are small entrepreneurs that did not bother to get certifications and a series of tests from any accredited labs before they release their product. Anyone is able to create their own skincare line by simply contacting suppliers online. The percentage of the solution they use does not have the same content from one bottle to another. Some bacteria and fungi can be found from ingredients if not properly handled and transmitted on its containers. The worst part is, their products do not undergo laboratory tests before they release their skincare products in the market.


  • Upon doing a little bit of research, I found out that there were lemongrass and geranium oils present on some beauty products which are sold in stores. Which happened to be the same and exact ingredients on the previous skincare line she was using. We should take full responsibility before we even apply some of these beauty regimens. There is absolutely no harm in reading the tiny little ingredients that we may come across an item. Believe me, most of these products come up with highly creative approaches that will entice you to immediately use and buy tons of their products.


  • Most consumers these days want everything instant. Whether it is food, service and results. This attitude also comes with the brands they prefer to use. While most responsible skincare companies warn their consumers on side effects or proper use of their products, few are still stubborn not to read the instructions that are indicated on the label. For instance, a moisturising bottle has instructions to put a small amount of oil and make sure to apply it evenly on clean face. If not followed, this might cause skin rashes because of dirt. In the end, it will defeat its purpose. You may even spend more if irritation persists.


  • There is this tricky part when some label will not indicate the specific ingredients inside the bottle. It will simply say, other essential oils. When you go to a pharmacy and look for a pain reliever oil or cream, most of them would contain eucalyptus oil. It is present and it makes the product seem more effective because there is this menthol feeling the moment you use it. However, this is harmful if you use it on your skin on a daily basis. Imagine, this soothing ingredient could damage your skin and before you know it, it’s too late.


If we look at the issues of the personality I mentioned earlier, the old skincare line she might have been using possibly gave her unwanted results. It probably made her skin look dull and gave her acne. However, switching to another skincare line may not be the solution to it, particularly the conventional beauty products.

It is true that we cannot question how effective these brands bring to the consumers but the bottom line is, do they really care after you or is it just the profits? Many green cosmetic users do not just want to have gorgeous and healthy skin.

There are other reasons like cruelty-free, organic ingredients and most of all, nature-friendly products that can make a difference. Most green companies are giving their best efforts to protect and preserve nature and lastly, to bring great quality products like no other typical skin care company will do.

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  1. Tayla Gocher 2 years ago

    I will always choose organic over mainstream brands because they are healthier, cheap, and have ingredients that will nourish my skin and body. It’s essential to only put high-quality organic creams on our delicate skin. After all, we only deserve the best!

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