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A loofah bath sponge is a handy accessory to effectively exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells. A good shower accessory helps you eliminate flaky and dry patches from the body in order to reveal a smooth surface. By removing those dry patches, it will be easier for you to shave, apply moisturiser or lotion and allow the product to be absorbed effectively. There are several kinds of bath accessory available in the market and finding the best shower loofah is not entirely a complicated task, if you know what to look for.

A loofah shower sponge is designed to have a rough texture to effectively eliminate flaky patches from the epidermis but not rough enough to scratch or damage the outer layer unnecessarily. If the accessory scratches your skin enough to make it look really red then you should consider a different one that is not too coarse as it will hurt your skin. It is also essential to know how to actually use these bath tools.

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Loofah bath sponges made from the natural mature fibrous material of the plant gourd are really rough, which is why you need to soak it in water to soften the sponge before you start rubbing it on your skin. Same goes with a loofah brush made from plant-based materials that you use for your back; these will hurt your skin if not properly soaked in water before use.

Bath sponges or scrubs made of synthetic material are softer on the surface but those made of natural material are considered more effective in getting rid of dry and flaky patches and safer to use on your skin. Shower accessories made of synthetic materials may harbor toxins and other harmful ingredients that will cause more harm than good on your skin.

After use, you need to hang your bath accessories to dry, away from the wet environment so bacteria does not thrive in it. A good shower loofah or sponge should ideally have a string attached to it, this way you can hang it after showering and cleaning. A loofah brush also has to have a handle attached and there are those designed with removal sponges which are a convenient option, since you can attach the handle when exfoliating your back and remove the sponge when you scrub your body. The string will also allow you to have a better hold of the scrub or brush and avoid slipping while you exfoliate.

A loofah shower tool that is round and pliable is great for scrubbing the body while accessories with a rather flat and hard texture such as a pumice stone loofah is effective in exfoliating coarse surfaces like the heels of your feet. Since you will be using your shower loofah regularly, it is recommended to choose quality made products, so you do not have to keep replacing them. Although, naturally made products can be used from 2 to 3 weeks before they need replacing. It is best to clean them regularly and allow them to dry, so these accessories can last longer before you need to purchase another one.


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