Should You Grow Your Own Sponge Loofah?

Should You Grow Your Own Sponge Loofah?

Should you grow your own sponge loofah?

Have you considered growing your own loofah in your backyard? Yes, you probably have if you have been using loofahs bath sponge to exfoliate and rid your skin from damaged and dry skin cells. Also called luffa, this veggie from the cucumber family is very well-known for its porous fibres that have just the right roughness good for exfoliation. It is also identified as a sponge gourd and grown from seeds that become a vining plant that needs to mature first for a long period before they can be used as durable scrubs.

If you have a lot of time to spare, you can opt to grow your own body scrub loofah, this way you can save time and money instead of buying from the store. An average luffa fruit can grow between 6 to 30 inches long and its diameter between 4 to 7 inches. If you harvest the fruit once it ripens, it can be used as an ingredient for salads and other dishes. In order to save space and to produce a more rounded luffa, train the plant into a fence.

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How do you know when the plant is ready to be harvested as a sponge loofah? You can harvest the fruit when its skin appears mature enough and shrivelled. So, once you harvest the plant, peel away the skin to reveal its porous network of pale-coloured fibres. You will need to get rid of the seeds by shaking it which is easy especially when it is mature. You can slice the loofah into several units or use its whole length, depends on how you want to use it. It’s ready to use when the seeds are all gone. You may also store extra luffa gourds for years, if they are stored properly. They must be kept dry and dust-free.

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Where to buy loofah?

The question whether the best loofah for shower is purchased or grown actually depends on each person’s preference and time. If you have the time and the space to grow your own luffa gourd then growing your own fruit may be the most ideal option for you. However, if you lack the time and space to grow it then purchase a natural loofah bath sponge which are predominantly sold in supermarkets and drugstores. You certainly won’t have any trouble finding what suits your needs.

If you purchase your sponge or scrub, choose what is all-natural and plant-based. These are more effective and safe to use for regular exfoliation rather than artificial ones. You’ll be more at ease knowing that you’re using a shower accessory that is free from toxins and other harmful materials. Love Thyself has years of experience knowing the right products that are safe to use and have handpicked carefully to ensure that you get only the best quality luffa and sponges for your skincare routine. Check out our pre-selected loofahs and brushes that would make a good addition to your essential shower accessories by clicking here.


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