Problematic Skin – Is Your Skin Dehydrated or Dry?
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Have you ever wondered why your skin is acting like it needs an overhaul? Often time’s people are not too fond of talking about skincare, and it’s probably because they don’t know the root cause of their skin problems. Skin problems like acne, blemishes, inflammation, fine lines, dehydration, and etc. are the most common issues that people have on their skin.


The subject can be confusing as well as frustrating especially to those who have invested countless hours as well as money on their daily skincare regimen, and yet, they still don’t see the positive results that they were hoping for. Now, why is this so?


You’re probably not getting the results you want because your skin problems have not been addressed properly. Don’t worry because you’re not alone with this predicament as many of us women have faced the same confusion and frustration when it comes to skincare.


Why is my skin problematic?


This question is paramount in uncovering whatever skin issues you may be having. However, it may be safe not to expect to solve this mystery after one go. This thinking will only lead to more disappointment and frustration. Just expect that you’ll probably be trying numerous products before you finally find the answer to your skincare woes.


Let me share with you a personal anecdote relating to my skincare journey. I used to think that there was nothing you can do to address excessive oil production especially when you have oily skin. Of course, you can control and manage the food you consume and avoid oily meals that could lead to excessive oil production on the face specifically, but, if we talk about skincare products per se that could transform your oily skin to a different skin type entirely, was unrealistic.


This didn’t hinder me from experimenting with skincare products, specifically, brands with pure ingredients that were notable for their nourishing effects on oily skin types. I was quite surprised that after regular usage and proper application, it did a complete makeover on my skin.


It was then that I realised that my skin was actually screaming for moisture because it was obviously lacking in hydration. Dehydrated skin can lead to excess oil and too bad I wasn’t aware of this earlier. After packing on skincare products that deeply hydrates my skin including cleansers, toners, essences and serums, a huge difference on my skin was noticeable and it appeared less oily, healthy and radiant.


It is important to note that my experience may not work on those with oily skin as the topic of skincare can be quite subjective. You will need to find out for yourself by trying trustworthy skincare products that would work best for your skin type. Doing this will surely make a huge impact on improving your overall skin condition and complexion.


Do I have dehydrated or dry skin?


Let’s back up a bit and discuss the difference between the dry and dehydrated skin. Dry skin pertains to a skin type similar to normal, oily and combination skin whereas if a skin is dehydrated, this would relate to a skin condition just as I’ve mentioned earlier.


Your skin type is embedded in your genes and is unlikely to change. You may have experienced skin conditions that are common to your skin type such as oily skin becoming excessively oilier during hot seasons or dry skin becoming excessively drier during winter seasons.


If you have oily skin as I do, you may want to look into skincare products that provide deep moisture and hydration to your skin, there’s a tendency that your skin may be dehydrated as well since the skin produces more oil in order to counter its lack of hydration. This is also why you may notice acne, blemishes or breakouts arise or pores becoming too enlarged.


A good place to start giving your skin an overhaul is by nourishing it with skincare products that contain only pure ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin, and give it the moisture it needs to keep it from dehydration.



Natural and Organic Skincare Products that Dive Deeper Into the Skin


It’s good to get yourself well-acquainted with healthy ingredients that boost your skin’s moisture; these are also coined as humectants. Humectants are substances which are commonly found in skincare products that help bind water molecules in order to increase moisture in the skin. A good example of such is hyaluronic acid. If you’re interested in knowing more about this amazing ingredient, read our previous article on “Discovering Hyaluronic Acid and how it affects our skin in a good way.”


You can tell the huge difference in your complexion after you’ve discovered the right skincare products that actually work and use them regularly. We know how searching for the right products may seem like a huge challenge, especially when there are tons of brands and products to choose from. That is why Love Thyself has carefully chosen only a handful of natural and organic beauty and skincare products that we deem worthy of your attention.



Products with Natural and Organic Ingredients That Penetrate Deep into the Skin


We know your time is valuable which is why Love Thyself would like to invite you to try and check out any of these skincare products because they just might be the answer if you have problematic skin.


Embalm Skincare – Calming Toner 125ml


Purely Black – Pure Hyaluronic Acid Powder 5g Hyaluronic Acid Serum DIY

Image of Purely Black – Pure Hyaluronic Acid Powder 5g Hyaluronic Acid Serum DIY by Love Thyself Australia

Estrellita – Natural Firming Gel 15ml

Image of Estrellita – Natural Firming Gel 15ml by Love Thyself Australia

The Pure Oil Company – 100% Argan Facial Oil 25ml

Image of The Pure Oil Company - 100% Argan Facial Oil 25ml by Love Thyself Australia


JIV.ELAN – Eternal Nourishment Advanced Night Serum 30ml


Organic Rosehip Skincare – Organic Rosehip Luxurious Cream 60ml


Vegan Organics – Organic Face Oil 50ml

Image of Vegan Organics – Organic Face Oil 50ml by Love Thyself Australia

JIV.ELAN – Luminous Vitamin C Face Serum 30ml

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  1. Lara McGarvie 2 years ago

    I love using serum at night and I like the hydration it gives on my skin. I religiously use it with my favorite skin care products and so far my skin looks so much younger, everyone says my skin looks so good.

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