Practical Skincare Tips for Springtime
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After the winter months, your skin is probably dull and dry, not to mention, it definitely needs a lot of moisturising care to get its glow and radiance back. Just like switching your woolly sweaters with thin and comfortable clothes towards springtime, reassessing your skincare routine to vet which products are suitable for your skin this time around, is a must in preparation for springtime.

Unlike the winter season when your skin is exposed to freezing temperatures, intense winds and snow, you won’t need your thick moisturiser for your skin, as you’ll expect a bit of sun exposure and humidity during springtime, thus, having the right products to protect and nourish your skin are necessary.


To help you prepare your skin for Springtime here are some heuristic tips that are easy and probably familiar if you have been diligently taking care of your complexion all this time:


Take time to exfoliate


You can purchase an exfoliating scrub or an exfoliator to slough off unwanted dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. During winter, your skin is probably dull or dry and requires a gentle exfoliation to reveal radiant glowing skin underneath.

However, don’t be too harsh on your skin. A gentle exfoliation is recommended and should be done at least once or twice weekly. Overdoing this may cause irritation and lacklustre skin so be cautious whenever you need to exfoliate.

We strongly believe that choosing skincare products that contain pure and natural ingredients and no exorbitant chemicals will take care of your skin’s nourishing needs. Whilst choosing chemically-laden products will only result in lacklustre skin in the long haul.


Protect your skin with sunscreen


Since it’s springtime, it’s more than likely you’ll expose your skin to more sunlight which can be quite harmful if you have no protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Wearing sunscreen with at least 30 SPF underneath your makeup will give your skin enough protection and thus, keep your skin healthy, young and radiant. When you pick the right sunscreen look for those with natural ingredients and one that is non-comedogenic which doesn’t block pores or cause unnecessary breakouts.


Drink water with lemon, cucumber or mint


Mixing water with lemon, cucumber or mint can have a plethora of benefits for your skin. These are commonly known as spa or detox water as it helps hydrate and rejuvenates your skin. Free radicals and toxins can be tough and do a lot of damage to your complexion; however, drinking water with these three essential ingredients helps in keeping your skin radiant and youthful.

Cucumber is well-known for its antioxidants while mint contains flavonoids and lemon contains antioxidants present in vitamin C which helps ward off free radicals and encourages the production of collagen.



Wear light moisturiser


During spring, you can expect more humidity and rain which could result in your skin becoming greasy and oily, which is why using a lightweight moisturiser, would work better on your skin rather than the thick moisturiser you’ve used during winter. A lightweight moisturiser also reduces your chances of getting breakouts and clogged pores during spring. Moisturisers with thick formulas tend to clog pores thus causing unwanted breakouts.


Use eye cream


Investing in a good eye cream early on is quite essential since the thin skin underneath the eyes is prone to fine lines and premature ageing. It tends to harbor fine lines easily due to its delicate skin; this part of the skin also requires some needed hydration which can be provided with a good anti-ageing eye cream. According to beauty experts, you should start using an eye cream even during your early 20s.


Opt for Natural Makeup


Just like being picky with the food that you allow into your system, opting for natural makeup ensures that the ingredients that are used on your skin are safe and healthy. Natural makeup doesn’t contain parabens and mineral oil which are known ingredients that are bad for the health of your skin in the long haul. Albeit, natural makeup is ideal for healthy skin, it’s still a good habit to remove all your makeup before you sleep at night. Any remaining makeup could lead to breakouts due to clogged pores in the morning.


Treat your skin to a facial massage


So you think you’re all set with your skincare routine, this doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t seek out the benefits of a professional facial massage. If you can set aside a bit of your time and if your budget permits, treat yourself to a relaxing facial massage.

Some of the benefits of facial massages are: relieves stress around your facial muscles, reduces ageing, stimulates blood circulation, natural facelift and reduce congestion in terms of allergy. It is a worthwhile beauty treatment and experience that is highly recommended by most aestheticians.


Now we can say you’re ready to get your skincare routine back on track during spring. With these tips on hand, you can be sure that your skin will get the attention, care and nourishment it needs to remain healthy, youthful and beautiful.



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    Yes for facial massage and expect a springtime renewal!

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