No-Fail Skincare Tips for Autumn
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Before the season changes, it is a must to plan ahead to make sure that the transition between skincare routines are as smooth as possible. After all, the routines we do are not applicable for all seasons. Ideally, our skin needs to adapt to change as it has different needs and reaction depending on the weather.

As we shift from summer to cold season, our skin care experts always remind us that putting extra moisture on our skin is absolutely necessary.

Here are some no-fail autumn-friendly skincare tips that anyone who values the importance of skincare must know:

Stick to your usual skincare routine.

There are instances when your dermatologist will advise you to get a new treatment or apply a new product on your skin. Do not alter your usual routine unless absolutely necessary. Cleansing your face, treating your skin and of course, applying moisturiser are the basics in skin care. Making this a habit would make everything else nice and easy.

Look for mild products.

Find products which are less drying and have better moisturising effects on your skin. When autumn comes, our skin can easily be damaged since it produces less natural oil during this season. You need to find products which are recommended for cold weather to make sure your skin is always hydrated and protected.

Keep Yourself Hydrated.

Drink water as plenty of glasses as you can. Our body needs to be hydrated all the time. During this season, investing enough fluids would make us feel and look healthier. Keep in mind to adjust the temperature at home to relax your skin.

Use Lip Balms.

Do not forget to bring lip moisturiser inside your kit. Keeping your lips moisturised will avoid chapped and dry lips. Your lips will be thanking you if you apply it frequently. Your lips may feel irritated or worse, cracked lips and we do not want that to happen.

Keep your hand cream anywhere you go.

Apply a moisturising cream on your hands as often as you need it. As the temperature gets colder, our hands quickly become dry and rough. Feel the softness and caress on your palm as the hand cream prepares your skin to a colder season.

Take good care of your feet.

Do not ever forget to treat your feet right. Most of us neglect that our feet need the right amount of care just like any other part of our body. Our feet take us to wherever we want to go and in return, we also need to pamper them on a regular basis. Give them a break. Applying a moisturising cream and giving it a foot scrub at least once a week is recommended. We want to make sure when the right time comes, you can still flaunt it when you are wearing your sandals. Keep your feet happy!

Apply overnight face masks or sleeping masks.

Applying an overnight face mask will surely help you during this cool season. Our skin regenerates whenever we sleep. After putting this mask on your face overnight, you will notice results: moisturised, youthful glow and vibrant skin! A lot of people who have tried this regimen love the results.

Check your body shower products, change it if needed.

After summer, you must start checking your bath items to make sure your skin won’t dry out after taking a shower. As much as we want to keep using a shower gel, you need to keep them away for the time being. Find a mild creamy shower wash instead. There are plenty of gentle shower creams in the market. You won’t have to worry about having dull skin, after every shower during this cold season.

Start Switching to an Anti-Flake Shampoo.

Our scalp produces flakes during the fall season. It is important to start using an anti-dandruff hair care formula to treat dry scalp and bring moisture to it. You do not want to spend a day filled with itchiness and flakes all over your shoulders. Find time to put hair treatment at least every week to get that great and healthy looking hair and scalp.

Maintaining a regular skin care routine is a must. However, we also need to adjust depending on the weather. It may require us a little effort, but the results are simply amazing. Our world is constantly changing, our body needs to adapt and be ready for these changes all the time.

You want to fall in love with the skin you are in. Make it a habit to have a healthy lifestyle like setting aside time for exercise and eating the right food. Being skin smart is what you need to have that beautiful skin. Use your resources, read the label, compare prices, check the reviews and finally, make a wise decision. What is important is you get the results you desire and share your testimony and experience to everyone you love.


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