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Must-Have Natural Loofah Sponges And Dry Brushes article image by Love Thyself Australia

Should I shower without a bath loofah sponge?

When you shower without a loofah, you are missing out on the skincare benefits that loofah sponges or brushes have to offer. It may be easy to simply shower and wash away dirt and grime using your preferred soap or body wash; however, scrubbing your body with a loofah gives your skin the much needed exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells that make skin look dull and dry. By using a loofah sponge, you are allowing your skin or pores to breathe. The process helps in scrubbing off dry or dead skin cells, dirt or grime that are sometimes left when you’re only using your hands and soap to cleanse your body.

Why loofah and dry brushing is important?

Dry brushing is a different process but has similar benefits to using loofah for shower exfoliation. It is done before actually taking a shower or bath and doesn’t involve water in exfoliating the body. Dry brushes are different from loofah brushes and shouldn’t be used for wet exfoliation. There are specific brushes specially designed for dry brushing, so better make sure to check whether the bath accessory is to be used for wet or dry exfoliation.

Is dry brushing better than wet exfoliation?

There are benefits to both these types of exfoliation, so it would depend on what you actually prefer. Since loofahs are used to exfoliate while in the shower, dry brushes are used prior to taking a bath. It is actually more convenient and faster to exfoliate in the shower compared to dry brushing but many consider the latter as less messy.

Awesome Love Thyself Natural loofah and dry brushes

Love Thyself is dedicated in providing the best exfoliating loofah and brushes that are made with quality and efficiency in mind. There are several products in the market to choose from but it’s quite a challenge to know which of these actually work for your skin. With our carefully selected brushes and loofahs, we’re confident that you can rely on these bath accessories to provide your skin just the right exfoliation it needs.

Here are loofah and brushes that are a must-have for exfoliation:

Natural Loofah Sponge

Image of Natural Exfoliating Loofah Sponge by Love Thyself Australia
This natural exfoliating sponge has been a popular shower accessory for a long time. And because its porous fibres are derived from the luffa gourd plant itself, it is safe and effective to use for different types of skin. You might even consider this a simple yet best loofah available. Just make sure to soak the sponge in water to soften it a bit and it’ll be ready to use while you shower.


Natural Fibre Body Brush

Natural Fibre Body Brush 02
This item is perfect for dry brushing. The bristles are quality made and naturally derived so you can be sure that this product offers just the right roughness needed to dry brush your skin. The process of dry brushing not only removes unappealing dead skin cells but also toxins to keep your lymphatic system healthy.

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  1. Tracy Williams 3 years ago

    After trying out your Natural Fibre Body Brush for about a week now. I must say, I am completely impressed by them. I’ve got smooth, healthy and younger skin every after bath.

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