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Identifying what your type of skin is essential to how we take care of it. There are 4 types of skin. These are dry, oily, combination and normal skin types. It basically depends on the amount of oil it produces which is due to several factors.


Our skin type changes and a mere result of a reaction to the climate, age and situation we are in. Therefore, it’s possible that your skin type five years ago is different from what it is now. That is why you need to regularly check and address what it needs.


Each person has a different skin type. We are going to make it easy by discussing each type and how we can make it simple for everyone.


For those who have Dry Skin


People who have dry skin are prone to different skin infections or diseases. Some signs are itchiness, scaling and cracking of the skin. A few individuals that have dry skin, but occasionally it can be oily depending on different factors.


One can easily spot and feel if a skin is dry immediately. It is usually evident on the legs, hands and arms. There are reports, though, that your lifestyle may have something to do with it. Applying moisturiser every now and then is helpful, especially in situations where you see that skin is starting to crack and produce flakes. However, if a moisturiser does not work on your skin, you need to see a dermatologist for an advice.


Some remedies to prevent dry skin are avoiding the use of hot water when taking a shower, start using a moisturising bar whenever you take a shower, avoid scratching your dry skin, drink lots of water to replenish fluids, and always apply moisturiser after you shower or whenever your skin feels dry.



For those who have Oily Skin


People who have oily skin are experiencing sebum overproduction. To be clear, sebum is not bad because it protects and naturally gives moisture to your skin.


However, having too much of it could be a sign of an oily skin and may trigger acne. Stress and hormone changes are some factors that could increase its production.


Having acne and oily skin is a dilemma. Even remedies could only do so much.

There are simple remedies, though you may start at your very own home to reduce the oiliness of your skin:


  • Washing your face at least twice daily.
  • Use blotting papers.
  • Apply honey on your oily skin and leave it on for 8 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water after.


You may also start avoiding fried foods, sweet food, and other processed food as part of your habit to lessen any possibilities of making it worse.


When using makeup, choose those products which are water-based. These products will not clog your pores, unlike oil-based cosmetics.



For those who have Combined Skin Type


This skin type means that people who possess this type of skin have both oily and dry features. For instance, if you imagine a “T” on a face, all areas which cover the T will definitely be oily and the remaining areas are likely to be dry. This is why it is called a combination skin as per doctors.


Having a combination skin can be acquired through genes. You might have inherited these from your grandparents and some from your parents.


In order to treat skin problems you may consider the following:


  • Always use a moisturiser.
  • Avoid using harsh facial cleansers.
  • Regular exercise.
  • De-stress.
  • Look for products that are fragrance-free.
  • Use safe SPF protection.



For those who have Normal Skin Type


Having normal skin is ideal for most of us. This is the type of skin which almost everyone desires to have, supple, smooth and healthy. However, to maintain this, it still needs daily moisture.


Even though you have normal skin, you might still have few blemishes or skin imperfections and you need to make sure you follow the appropriate regimen to keep it healthy and vibrant. We have to remember that our skin changes at any time. So, if there are any factors like age, climate, environment and life- changing events come along the way, we know how to deal with it.


If you have a normal type of skin, you have lesser maintenance, unlike the other skin types. However, we must be consistent in using the right products to keep your skin looking great.


Indeed, using the right products will help greatly in providing your skin with proper nourishment which is needed to maintain a healthy, glowing and youthful skin.





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