Keeping Your Skin Looking Its Best during the Busy Holiday Season
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas has passed but the New Year Celebration is still in our midst. As expected, everyone is busy anticipating each year as festive as it could be which is why skincare routines can be easily forgotten.


People have tons of excuses not to spend the time to take better care of their skin or to ditch their skincare regimen during this season. Factors which contribute to ruining our skin may be attributed to the weather, unhealthy diet and of course, how can we forget the stress?


We came up with ways to improve and maintain healthy-looking skin during this busy season. These are the simplest routines so we are not giving you a reason not to do it.


Daily facial wash.


Using lukewarm water when washing your face is just the easiest and first thing you must do at all cost. After a long and tiring day, using this type of water will certainly prevent stripping the natural oil you have on our face. Your skin needs all the right temperature to avoid removing the moisture it needs most to avoid dullness.



Before your day ends, make sure that you are not wearing makeup.


After office hours, parties and any events would require you to wear from the simplest to heavy makeup on your face. These instances will surely put our skin to test. Before you go to sleep, don’t let the essential steps needed to take better care of your skin for granted. If you wish to wake up the next day without annoying blemishes or breakouts, make sure no makeup is left on your face before you go to bed.


Your skin will be stressed and pores are blocked when chemicals are left overnight on your face. It also matters if you use products that are made from high-quality ingredients to ensure that no unwanted residues are left to prevent skin damage.



Use ICE.


Surprised? Well, ice does help a huge lot especially when you lack sleep or wake up early in the morning with your eyes looking tired and puffy. For immediate treatment, you may apply ice around the under eye area. This will quickly reduce the puffiness of your eyes. It will not damage your skin but will surely make it look better as you need it.



Choose the right primer with added benefits.


Spending a holiday feeling and looking great for the entire day is possible as long as you use the right primer. Your makeup depends on how the primer reacts to it. Keeping your makeup on for long hours is going to a breeze as long as you pick the primer with multiple benefits. Simply read the label of the product before using it. You may spend a little time to check the feedback of those who used it just for your reference. You may also opt for natural and organic makeup because this definitely does wonders on your skin.




Carry a lip moisturiser at all times.


Make sure to bring a lip balm in your bag anywhere you go. You might be exposed to different temperatures and your lips might have different reactions whenever exposed. To keep your lips hydrated and moisturised you may use it anytime especially when it feels and looks dry. In fact, it does not look great on photos if you have chapped lips. Talking and smiling might be a challenge, too.



Keep yourself hydrated.


During parties, most often than not, alcoholic drinks and wines will always be there. Go ahead, take some sips and indulge with it but keep in mind that you need to hydrate by drinking water at least in between drinks.


Aside from keeping yourself hydrated on the inside, use an excellent moisturiser to leave your skin soft and supple. Extreme weather conditions may dry and damage your skin. To maintain a younger and smoother skin, help your skin fight these harsh weather situations.



Use sunscreen protection.


Some have an impression that wearing sunscreen protection is only needed during summer season or whenever you go to the beach. A higher SPF is needed depending on your skin’s exposure to the sun; however, it is highly recommended to always use sunscreen during the day. Remember that the sun can easily damage your skin and it might be a little expensive to repair them. Keep in mind that this is the least expensive way to prevent sun-damaged wrinkles and other skin concerns you might have if you forget to apply it.



Rejuvenate your skin with the help of a face mask.


Holidays bring us excitement because this gives us the time to spend quality time with most of the people we love and care for. Preparations, shopping and other activities inevitably bring stress, impurities and dryness on our skin. It is important to use face masks at least twice a week. You will only need less than 20 minutes of your time for the entire process. After each application, you will surely love the way your skin feels and looks. If you have a partner, you can even do this as your bonding time.


Now that you know these simple ways, you will have beautiful reasons to face all the festivities with confidence without compromising your skin’s overall health while you are having fun.


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