Improve Your Skin With Loofahs For Sale

Improve Your Skin With Loofahs For Sale

Almost everyone has issues with stress but because of our jobs and other responsibilities this is something we cannot avoid or is inevitable. The best chance we have is to learn how to manage stress by eating healthy foods, regular exercise, sufficient sleep and taking care of your skin. Unfortunately, stress can affect our looks through the appearance of our skin. Ever wonder why you look a bit older than your age? Well, stress is something that you haven’t considered but this can be the cause to your skincare woes.

Our skin tends to look dry, dull and flaky if there’s too much stress going on in your life. Acne and blemishes are another problem you have to deal with. Once you encounter too much stress, cortisol is released paving the way for skin problems like acne and other breakouts as hormones are disrupted as well as good and bad bacteria of your gut system. Even though you’re not prone to blemishes and breakouts, your skin reacts to stress in an unappealing way.

Other than drinking enough water and eating a healthy diet, taking care of the outermost portion of your skin is necessary with the use of a sponge loofah to eliminate the flaky dead skin cells from the surface. This essential skincare step is called exfoliation which is highly recommended if you want your skin to appear dewy and smooth. A well exfoliated skin can make a huge difference in your appearance. It is a necessary step which helps your skin absorbs moisturisers and serum better as these beauty formulas can penetrate efficiently through clean and polished skin.

Where to Buy Loofah Sponges

You can trust Love Thyself with your beauty and skincare needs. We offer unique body loofahs or sponges that are great for washing your body thoroughly and scrubbing your skin free from dry and dead skin flakes making it more smooth and rosy to touch. Buy loofah that works well for you by choosing from our exciting list of bath accessories:

Sisal Exfoliating Mitt

Bodecare - Sisal Exfoliating Mitt 02
A unique bath accessory by Bodecare made from the fibres of a Sisal plant. What’s great about this shower accessory is its unique form that gives you more flexibility in exfoliating your body. Sisal fibres are also known for fast drying and long lasting material which brings you a great exfoliation tool that lasts longer than ordinary loofahs. Its natural mesh is also designed to provide gentle yet efficient exfoliation.


Charcoal & Bamboo Cleansing Sponge

Image of Vegan Organics – Charcoal & Bamboo Cleansing Sponge by Love Thyself Australia
If you prefer deep cleansing and exfoliation, this Charcoal and Bamboo Cleansing Sponge by Vegan Organic will do the trick. It is lightweight and easy to handle while you exfoliate your body. You will feel better knowing that the sponge you’re using is natural and vegan friendly. This product is also suitable for sensitive and oily skin types. It helps remove excess oil and dirt leaving your skin refreshed and soft.

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  1. The Sisal Mitt conforms nicely my hand and performs well to exfoliate places a normal back brush doesn’t do well, such as arms, legs, etc. It makes bath time easy and invigorating!

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