How To Make Your Own Loofah Bath Sponge
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How to Make Your Own Loofah Bath Sponge article image by Love Thyseld

If you love exfoliating your skin just as much as I do, then making your own shower loofah is something you can consider. A loofah for bath also called a Luffa gourd is something you can grow in your backyard especially when you have extra space or a garden. These scrubbing tools are great not only for exfoliation but also for other things you want to clean in your household. Like the typical sponges you keep by the kitchen sink, these can serve you well whilst cleaning pans, sink, tiles, etc.

To start growing your own loofah bath sponge or body scrubber sponge, you’ll need a sturdy trellis since luffa gourds are great climbers and typically cling to the trellis like vines. It usually takes about 140 to 180 days for the plant to grow and produce luffa pods. They grow productively during hot days and slow during colder days. You’ll need to water them regularly especially during hot days. Yellow flowers will start appearing and tend to grow faster once it starts producing the pods.

Should you grow your own sponge loofahYou’ll need patience and wait until the gourds mature, unless you want it ripe so you can add them as ingredients to your dish. It’ll be ready to harvest as a best natural loofah for exfoliating when they feel light and when the skin looks loose almost like it’s about to come off. Don’t wait for the gourd to completely dry because it’s harder to remove the skin as they tend to get brittle and messy instead of peeling them easily. To remove the seeds, simply shake the gourd until seeds fall off.

Rinse and clean the luffa and hang it out until completely dry. There may be instances when you leave the luffa outside too much so the colour turns brown, this is fine, however, if it turns black with decay, you’ll need to cut that portion if possible or it’ll rot the rest of the gourd. You’ll need to test its fibres by knocking it on the wall or ground and if it holds together and doesn’t break, it’s good to go and ready for use. To store your shower loofah, make sure it’s somewhere dry and dust-free to keep it in great shape.

Growing loofah bath sponge gives you the advantage of having several supplies to exfoliate your skin constantly when needed. It alsonatural loofah helps you save money especially when your plant produces many pods that are great and sufficient for your exfoliation needs. There are also times when some gourds break up easily which means these cannot be used as your loofah for bath, so might as well throw them away. Some also tend to rot while being dried so it’s best to keep your eyes open for decay.

Not all people have the luxury of time and space to grow their own loofahs. If you need enough supply, try looking into our best loofah for exfoliating as we have a carefully selected list of products that are natural and great for your skin. Love Thyself is devoted to providing only worthy, durable and of course, natural products for your skincare needs.

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  1. Jonathan Leigh 3 years ago

    I would love to try and start planting my own loofah next spring!

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