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How to Exfoliate with a Bath Loofah or Chemical Scrub article image by Love Thyself

Have you ever had that feeling after frequent moisturising and cleansing, your skin still doesn’t feel smooth or looks glowing?  That is probably because you haven’t considered exfoliating with a bath loofah. Yes, I felt the same hesitation before and asked myself if exfoliation was that important? If you think that adding the process of exfoliation into your skincare routine is unnecessary and expensive, then think again! It’s considered a very essential step especially in keeping your skin radiant and smooth.

Indeed taking a shower or bath wouldn’t be that amazing without the benefits of an exfoliating loofah or shower loofah to smoothen the surface of your skin by means of exfoliation. This beauty step is one of the most essential and yet, many still forget to include it into their routine. Obviously, they are missing out on this important step. By removing dry and dead skin flakes from the epidermis, a smooth and radiant skin is then revealed.

bath loofah

There are two ways to exfoliate your skin, through Chemical and Mechanical means.

Chemical Exfoliation – Involves the use of products that exfoliate your skin without the need for shower accessories like a natural loofah sponge. They are available in the market and are formulated with exfoliating ingredients, so you wouldn’t need to use any other accessory or tool to remove dead skin flakes from the surface.

It is always best and safe to choose exfoliating scrubs that are derived from natural ingredients. If not, just keep an open eye especially on what ingredients were used to make them, if you are planning to purchase these types of exfoliators.

While using chemical-based exfoliators, a hot or warm bath is recommended, so this helps to open up the pores which allows for easy cleansing and exfoliating. Make sure that your hands are clean because the last thing you want is to spread bacteria or germs.

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With your exfoliator, apply some of the product on your body in circular movements to remove any dirt and dead skin flakes. While exfoliating your face, do this gently and thoroughly focusing on your T-zone as this part accumulates more oil than the rest of your face. After the process, rinse then apply moisturiser or lotion to help soothe dryness and redness.

Mechanical Exfoliation – This process involves the use of bath accessories such as a bath sponge loofah among others to exfoliate the body. Unlike the chemical process, you’re going to need a softer sponge to use on your face as bath loofahs tend to be rougher on the skin. Soak your loofah until soften. Use hot water to open up your pores making your body more conducive for exfoliation. Use a body wash or soap and start rubbing your bath sponge loofah on your skin with enough pressure to remove dry and flaky patches.

Make sure to target areas that are usually dry such as your elbows and knees. A pumice stone will be efficient in scrubbing your heels since you’ll need a harder or rougher tool for this part. Rinse your body, then apply moisturiser and lotion to soften and rejuvenate your skin.

With these two ways to accomplish Exfoliation, simply choose whatever is comfortable and easy for you as both these processes are effective if done correctly.


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