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I SmellWith such sensitive skin I spent half my time looking for aluminum free natural deodorants, the other half succumbing to the toxic readily available supermarket brands and all the while putting up with the fact that I smell.

I have tried over 7 different natural products nothing seemed to work for me. At one point, I would take this mineral crystal stick with me everywhere and kept reapplying in the hope that it would mask my smell. I won’t even mention the complete embarrassment I felt. I started to wonder if I was the only person who felt like this.

That’s when I finally discovered Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste. After years of searching I was super skeptical. When no other product had worked, and with all natural ingredients I thought this product like all the others was just too good to be true.



Here’s how my first day with Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant went:

7am: I started with a small 15ml jar of the Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste that I could take everywhere with me, just in case. After opening theAxilla 15g (4) bottle I could smell the essential oils and after applying a small pea size amount of the clay-like Axilla paste, as the bottle suggested, I started my day.

12pm: Headed to the bathroom at lunch and gave myself a quick whiff and nope, nothing. Half the day had gone, and I still didn’t smell.

5pm: I knew with the gym looming this would be the ultimate test.  After a heavy handed workout, sweating profusely I bounded to the showers. I could see my other female counterparts spraying like mad, the toxic fumes made my allergies spring into action and my eyes started to water. All the while not only was I odourless, my under arms were dry and unlike the other deodorants that I have used in the past the Black Chicken didn’t even leave any white marks on my clothing.

8pm:  Made it home. After a long 13 hour day, my Black Chicken Remedies Deodorant had passed the test.  I just couldn’t believe that a deodorant that I only needed to apply so little of, could actually keep me feeling fresh for the entire day, but it did.

Going completely natural

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste is ideal for me as it is only made with all natural certified organic ingredients, it is is vegan and cruelty free. Although the jar is filled with essential oils, the aroma of the Black chicken is subtle and not overpowering. Best of all, I longer have to worry about exposing my skin to toxic chemicals, that would leave my skin irritated, like aluminum , parabens and it’s alcohol free.

Comparing the difference

From No Pong to natural crystal deodorants in addition to running out of options, I was burning through my pocket. With the Body Crystal Deodorant I might as well of been wearing nothing at all, No Pong left my arms itchy and irritated. Deodorant sprays made my eyes water so badly I was almost in tears, and not to mention the little red bumps that aluminum deodorants caused, that drove my skin crazy.

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste was the solution! It does not inhibit my body from doing what it naturally does, I still expel unwanted toxins from my body. I just don’t smell! I have now been using it for four months and I’m completely converted. I can’t recommend this deodorant enough especially if, like me you have allergies, sensitivities or problem skin.





  1. Margaret 3 years ago

    This product was recommended by my best buddy at first I was hesitant if this can solve my body odor problems which I had for years. And after a weeks of trying this deodorant I was surprised how effective it was. Happy to find a natural product that works so well!

  2. Anna 3 years ago

    I just had a baby last month, so due to hormones, my armpits have been producing the most disgusting odor. I found positive reviews about this product so I decided to give this paste a try. And after 2 weeks of constantly using this deo my pits was so dry and smell so fruity!

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