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A lot of us are aware that using coconut oil as a cooking ingredient give us healthy results. For most people on a diet, they replace their regular cooking oil with coconut oil. It does work effectively. Now, what are the essential benefits we get when we start using it on our skin? Let us find out and hopefully, after reading this article, make it as part of our regimen.


Knowing Coconut Oil


Coconut oil comes from coconut tree extract and has been used as medicine and as a food source since the beginning of time.

Naturally, this type of oil is refined because we all know that oil is not usually extracted from a tree. To be more specific, we could consider the oil coming from a fresh coconut fruit meat as “unrefined”.

The oil extract is generally composed of healthy fatty acids like lauric acid. It is rich in vitamin E (popularly known to enhance and protect our skin from ageing).



Comparing Mineral Oil over Coconut Oil


While we know that when we use coconut oil, there is a distinct scent you can tell. With mineral oil, it is usually unscented and colourless. You will find out that most products which use mineral oil are ointments, cosmetics and even baby lotions. Back in the days, mineral oil worked as an effective mechanical lubricant as the primary ingredient in manufacturing.


Therefore, we could easily tell that using mineral oil is not a good choice, particularly on our skin. Mineral oil naturally attracts oil deep skin moisture and could lead to damaging our cells and our skin could be prone to skin ageing at an early time.



How Coconut Oil Makes the Skin Look Better


The healthy fatty acid that coconut oil contains has been known to work effectively in reducing skin rashes, treatment of wounds and even fighting acne.


Coconut oil is not going to clog your skin pores so there is a lesser chance for your skin to be oily and prone to other skin infections. Coconut oil helps in making the skin naturally soft and radiant. It perfectly works as a cleanser as it eliminates dead skin cells.  It keeps your skin hydrated, too.


When you start using the coconut oil as part of your routine, you may notice an appearance of acne on your face during the initial stages of application. The reason behind is it attracts all impurities deep in your skin. You will eventually notice when you keep using it consistently that acne slowly goes away. This will give you a healthier and better skin complexion.



Different Uses of Coconut Oil



As a Moisturising Ingredient


Many moisturising products are out in the market, which may be harmful to your skin. Begin using coconut oil as a replacement to your regular lotion and compare the results. After your regular facial wash, you may apply a little amount on your face twice a day. You need not use a lot because it will make you look very oily. It may be used as a body lotion and great for massage, too.



As a Facial Cleanser


It is time to get rid of your regular facial cleansers. This is going to help you lessen the cosmetics you use. In fact, you are saving money the moment you decide to replace your cleansers. To use it as a facial cleanser, get a piece of cotton and put a small amount on it. Wipe it on your face gently. It can also remove makeup effectively.  After you use it, your skin will be noticeably hydrated and radiant.



Eliminates Acne


Start using coconut oil instead of your expensive pimple fighting creams. It contains fatty acids, which works the same way as other brands, just less expensive. Most acne removing brands reduce skin breakouts and help prevent skin redness and dryness. Coconut oil does the same and exact benefits. See how your skin transforms effortlessly and lesser cost, too!



As Lip Moisturiser


If you think about getting a shinier lip, you may use coconut oil to get your desired shine and moisture. Just put a little amount of it and apply it on your lips. It is an easy step and you will see the results right away.



To Highlight Your Cheeks


Many popular makeup brands use coconut oil as one of the ingredients to add a glow or highlight to the skin. You need to start thinking twice if you need a little help from your usual highlighter. Instead, after you put makeup on your face, gently wipe a little amount of coconut oil. Leave it on for a few minutes and witness the similar effect it does on your face.



Treatment of Dry Hands


Forget about getting a hand lotion to soothe your dry hands. If you stay mostly at home, and you are the person who is doing most of the chores, your hands are likely to be dry. Instead of purchasing hand lotions, use coconut oil. It is safe to use and nice to know that you can also use it to take care of your hands while it does great as a kitchen ingredient as well. It will certainly keep your hands hydrated. Use it as often as you need.



Now that we are able to discover things we can get out of coconut oil, we need to consider changing our impression about its use. We might have been ignoring one simple ingredient in the kitchen which could be the answer to our dilemmas we have been struggling for quite some time.



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