Conscious Living 101 - 6 Practical Ways to Implement an Eco-Friendly Skincare Routine
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If you wish to start living ethically, then the best and easiest way to apply those changes is in your skincare routine. Have you wondered whether the products you use to take care of your skin or the products you use to clean your homes are eco-friendly? If you haven’t given it much thought in the past, this time you may want to check the ingredients and ensure they don’t cause damage to the environment as well as your health. Even though these are considered small changes but the effects these changes offer the environment can make a huge positive impact that shouldn’t be neglected.

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Indeed, the toxic ingredients that some skincare or cleaning products contain will have negative consequences to our environment and ecosystems, and this is what we should work hard to avoid. Due to the many products available in the market we tend to forget that using products that are safe for the environment is necessary. Whether skincare or cleaning products, let’s strive to use those that are eco-friendly. To start, here are 5 practical ways to implement an eco-friendly skincare routine:


  1. Weigh in on the products you currently have inside your cosmetic bag or purse.


The first step is essential as you need to evaluate the products you’ve been using whether or not they contain toxic substances that could harm yourself and the environment. However, it is not necessary to throw those away either, as that would contribute to additional garbage in the landfill and we don’t want that. After you’ve run out on what you have on hand, switch to eco-friendly products as it’s not practical to do things overnight.


  1. Avoid plastic packaging.


Sadly plastic is used to a great extent which doesn’t help the environment and this has become big problem especially with landfills piling up. Plastic also harms sea creatures as they can ingest these materials when they are thrown or cast away into the ocean. If you choose biodegradable or reusable containers then please do so to help the environment.


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  1. Don’t purchase skincare products with microbeads.


Avoid purchasing anything with microbeads. What are they anyway? These are tiny round exfoliating plastic pieces that are typically in facial and body washes. These plastic pieces are difficult to filter as they make their way through our water systems and damage the ecosystems in our seas, oceans or lakes.


  1. Check for eco-friendly certifications.

Don’t rely on solely the packaging stating that the product is green or eco-friendly. Some companies are unfortunately utilising ‘greenwashing’ as a way to fool consumers into thinking that what they’re buying is good for the environment. Instead look beyond those labels even though their packaging says ‘made with natural ingredients’ or the container looks so much like nature. If you can’t find what you’re looking for from the packaging, it’s definitely better to ask for more information from the company.

  1. Prefer Cruelty-free products.

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You definitely don’t want your skincare products to be tested on animals if you support ethical practises. Most items from big name brands are tested on animals so it’s best to choose products which are handmade or from smaller companies that are certified Cruelty-free. Smaller companies manufacture products in smaller batches with quality ingredients and ethical practices prioritised rather than capitalism. So, you are supporting their cause to practice an ethical and responsible lifestyle as well as keeping their business running.


  1. Avoid products that contain palm oil.


The demand for palm oil has increased throughout the years and since this oil is often preferred by companies due to its potential to yield up to 10x more oil per acre than canola oil, soybeans as well as other crops. Since it’s cheaper, its demand has resulted in massive deforestation in other countries, specifically in Southeast Asia.

Keep in mind that you need not switch exclusively to eco-friendly items overnight. Once you’ve run out of anything that’s part of your skincare routine then go for environment friendly items. We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and these little changes can contribute to its preservation.



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