Coffee Grounds: What it can do on your Skin and Face
Skin Care

A day is never going to be complete without having a cup of coffee. It boosts our senses and it even keeps us awake any time we need it. Aside from these, have we thought about getting more benefits out of it?


Let us figure out what other things it can do for us, especially to those who love to drink coffee and to those who want to enjoy the health benefits of it without the need to drink it. If we want to make the most out of it, we must be aware that coffee grounds have been proven to help improve our skin and face, too!


  • As an exfoliating ingredient. The consistency of coffee grounds makes it an incredible exfoliating treatment. It helps boost collagen for a firmer and younger-looking skin.


  • Reduces the cellulite appearance. With the help of coffee grounds as a scrub, it lessens cellulite visibility. It works well while massaging the target areas to stimulate the circulation of blood. Ultimately, tightening the skin and eliminating the cellulite which has been our dilemma for quite some time.


  • As scalp exfoliating treatment. Scalp is a part of our skin which is prone to dead skin cells build up. We can get rid of these by massaging the coffee grounds gently on the desired areas. You may massage your scalp for a minute before you wash it using favourite shampoo or conditioner. Aside from exfoliation, it adds a lustrous shine to your hair.


  • Helps Blood Circulation. If you have a dull face and want to improve the circulation of your blood, you may create ice cubes out of coffee grounds. Before your day starts, grab one cube and slowly massage it on your face to lessen the puffiness in your face, leaving the skin with a healthier glow.


  • As a foot treatment. After a long and busy week, pamper yourself with coffee grounds as a foot treatment ingredient. Soak your tired feet with warm water for approximately 15 minutes and apply the coffee grounds as scrub at least one tablespoon while gently massaging it. You will witness how it effectively works as you see the dead skin cells being eliminated during the process. Rinse your feet in warm water and wipe it with a clean cloth. Feel the difference as it made your feet softer and smoother.



  • As Facial Mask Treatment. Another option to maximise the benefits of coffee grounds is using it as your face mask. If you want to have a brighter, smoother skin without spending too much, do this regimen on a weekly basis. You can mix a half teaspoon of coffee grounds with a tablespoon of yogurt. Slowly massage it on your neck and face area and leave it on for about 6 minutes. Rinse it with warm water and wipe it clean using a towel to show a younger and firmer looking skin.


  • As body scrub. If you want to have an instantly smoother skin, try using it as your alternative body scrub. Simply mix your coffee grounds (3 tablespoons) with brown sugar (at least half cup), and a quarter of almond oil. When taking a shower, focus on the areas which are usually dry and rough. Gently massage it all over your body. Feel and see the difference. You will forget about visiting a spa for the same benefits and experience. Be sure to clean the area after you shower because the oil spills could cause mishaps.


  • To smoothen the lip. If you have been complaining about dry lips, this is one of the answers. Mix an ample amount of coffee grounds together with a coconut oil. Carefully massage it on your lips and wipe it with a clean cloth. Your lips will be moisturised quickly as it adds a bit of natural shine.


Coffee has been a part of our daily routine and has been helping us to get through each day. The antioxidants in each coffee cup contribute in making our day a success. Of course, the regimens mentioned above may not be the only solution to your skin issues, but it is nice to know what other things we can benefit aside from enjoying it as a drink. Our society reinvents and evolves, so it is inevitable that we learn to explore options with a little help from coffee grounds.

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  1. Alannah Hartung 2 years ago

    Awesome ideas! I use coffee grounds for dry and flaky feet especially during winter. I mix it with coconut oil to make a paste and scrub it on my feet.

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