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Each and everyone has their own unique skincare ritual – whether it includes applying a generous amount of virgin coconut oil on your skin or opting for moisturising products that contain humectants to keep your skin hydrated and plump all day, what seems suitable and works well all get their fair share of beauty enthusiasts ready to vouch for their best-kept beauty secret.

As for those who haven’t taken the plunge in investing in a personal skincare routine, or those who consider themselves a novice in the topic of skincare and beauty secrets to achieving younger looking skin, different beauty secrets and rituals can be simultaneously daunting and confusing.


What to expect


With tons of beauty experts and enthusiasts sharing their opinions and experiences on the subject everywhere on the Internet, it is essential to do your part in taking further research such as checking reviews regarding a product or doing a background check on a particular brand to make sure that it satisfies your curiosity as well as answers the questions that have lurked somewhere at the back of your mind.

If you haven’t found your niche in skincare yet, well you shouldn’t worry because this is what we’re here for. We’d like to share with you some of the best secrets that we personally found to actually work. It’s only a matter of knowing and understanding your skin type and finding the right products that work well with your complexion.


Our Best Secrets to Achieving Younger Looking Skin



Keep yourself hydrated.


One classic and inexpensive way to keep yourself hydrated and your skin happy is to drink water, lots of it. Many experts have recommended at least 8 to 10 glasses a day, however, going over 10 glasses is even better.

I used to drink too many a soda in the past and it kept me craving for more soda, which reduced my water intake, thus, leaving my skin looking like a disaster – dry and flaky if you must know.

Sixty to sixty-five percent of water makes up our body which makes it even more necessary to keep a bottle of water handy with you at all times.



Be consistent with your skincare routine.


A skincare routine involves many steps depending on what works for you, however, the basic steps which include cleansing, exfoliating, toning, as well as, moisturising are enough to make a difference to your complexion.

Knowing the correct way to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise your skin are also essential to ensure efficacy in your skincare ritual. You don’t necessarily have to splurge on expensive beauty products because the most important thing is to be consistent with your skincare routine.

Exfoliation is needed only once or twice a week and yet, it’s still an important step to free your pores from dead skin, dirt and breakouts.

Also, be mindful of how long you expose your skin under the sun. As part of your skincare ritual, wear a sunscreen with high SPF (at least 30) to protect your skin because exposing your skin too long without protection can damage it.



Stick to a healthy and balanced diet.


Your diet makes a huge impact on the condition of your skin. If you want your skin to look young and beautiful, then it’s an absolute must that you need to stick to a healthy and balanced diet.

It’s not enough to invest simply on beauty products to keep your skin happy. Your daily meal should include foods that provide good nutrition.

According to beauty experts, foods that are rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, especially fruits and vegetables provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients your skin needs for a great complexion.




Get plenty of sleep and overall rest.


Working hard is great but if you can’t get enough sleep and rest, then obviously, this isn’t good for your skin and wellness overall. Have you ever wondered why your skin looks dull and lacklustre whenever you’re tired and grumpy?

Well, your lack of sleep will definitely show up on your skin that’s why a good and deep sleep is the best remedy for this. Don’t deprive yourself of rest, you deserve it.


Exercise and keep yourself fit.


Now, before you lose interest simply because you think you have no time to exercise even for a few minutes, I can’t even begin to share just how beneficial exercising and keeping yourself fit can do to your overall wellness.

Personally, I used to have issues with my weight as I have not spent even a few minutes dedicated to keeping myself fit on any given day. I thought that eating less was enough to lose those unwanted pounds but obviously, I was wrong.

Fast forward to today, I always look forward to spending an hour or two to exercise. What motivated me was how it made me feel stronger and energised, and the best part of it is how it keeps my skin hydrated and youthful.



Go for natural or organic skincare and beauty products.


Knowing what skincare ingredients you apply on your skin is important. You really don’t want to keep using harmful chemicals, especially everyday for years.

Albeit these products may provide a temporary solution, using them long-term may do the exact opposite to the results you expect.

So, it’s best to use products that contain no artificial additives but the natural and organic goodness of ingredients extracted from plants.



These are the best secrets to a youthful and radiant complexion. All these tips work harmoniously to promote not only a beautiful skin but overall wellness as well. Follow them passionately and you’ll see a huge difference in your complexion after a month, and beyond, even better!



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