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If you’ve been caught up in a spell of dry and humid weather, it is always nice to have a ready solution for chapped or cracked lips. Apart from the fact that your lips hurt, cracked lips are also not pleasing to the eyes. If you are heading to an office meeting or getting together with friends, you want to make sure you look your best.

In saying so, sometimes the situation can get embarrassing. Fortunately, there are various products in the market that not only offer a quick solution to chapped lips, but also make them healthier and less likely to crack. While there are products which actually work well and provide amazing results, a large number of these items do not deliver the benefits as advertised.

If you want to make sure that you are getting the best lip gloss products in the market, here are a few factors you should remember:

  • Brand – If the brand is from a well-known manufacturer, most, if not the entire lineup of products are likely to be high quality items. That is why you have to make sure to pick something that is branded. This way, you have the option to contact the manufacturer in case something goes wrong.
  • Ingredients – This answers the question: What is it made up of? If you are going to put something on your body, particularly on your lips where food and beverages pass through, you have to make sure it is composed of natural substances.
  • Quality – Finally, check for the quality of the product including its packaging, best before or expiry date, and other minor details. You should also ensure that it is a genuine product and not a counterfeit.Natural lip balm image by Love Thyself

If you take note of these factors, finding the perfect lip-gloss or lipstick would be easier. However, there are instances where these products are tested on animals before they hit the market. This is certainly not a good practice, and if you consider yourself a vegan or someone who loves nature, these items are not good for you.

One of the reasons why a lot of non-vegan products are becoming popular is that they are cheaper than vegan items. The growing number of counterfeit and low quality products from China is staining the reputation of trusted brands.

One of those popular brands in the market is the Burt’s Bees, range of health and beauty products. Since its inception more than 30 years ago, it has proven itself as an environment-friendly brand that does not test its products on animals.

Unfortunately, Burt’s Bees entering the Chinese market sparked concern among the vegan community. This is because China requires animal testing of non-special use cosmetics before they hit the market. This led some people to believe that the American company is slowly shedding its cruelty-free stance in order to meet Chinese market standards.

It is worth noting that even before Burt’s Bees entered China, there have been rumors claiming that it has stopped being a vegan company. In 2007, the company was acquired by Clorox, which has openly admitted that it tests products on animals. In spite of the rumours, Burt’s Bees retained its stance in opposing animal testing.

So What’s the Real Score?

According to a letter sent to a health blog, the company’s consumer services department made it clear that it has successfully entered the Chinese market without having to test its Burt’s Bees products on animals. Moreover, even after a few months in the huge Asian market, Burt’s Bees is still included in the Leaping Bunny’s list of cruelty-free brands.

This is certainly great news for everyone who is an advocate of animal rights, and the preservation of the environment. It only ensures that Burt’s Bees was, is and will remain a cruelty-free in the coming years.

What Does Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Contain?

Now that the issue is out of the way, here are some of the natural ingredients that have made Burt’s Bees lip gloss a favorite among organic product enthusiasts.Organic lip balm image by Love Thyself

Acai Berry

Acai Berry is rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals in the body. It also contains Vitamins A, C, D and E, and aids in inflammation cases. This berry is considered a super fruit due to its antioxidant content.


Beeswax is one of the primary components of the Burt’s Bees lipstick and lip-gloss. It is a substance that is very rich in nutritional components, and also helps bind other ingredients into a solution or cream. After honey is taken from the honeycomb, the latter is melted to form beeswax.

Cocoa Butter

This is made out of the beans from the cocoa tree. It contains a lot of fatty acids and triglycerides, as well as antioxidants that help repel free radicals from the body. What’s good about cocoa is that it is easily absorbed by the skin, and is a perfect ingredient of lip balms and lipsticks.

Kokum Butter

The Kokum butter naturally has emollient properties, which makes creams and balms soothing and calming when applied. It also contains a number of fatty acids and antioxidants. This butter is also a natural moisturiser that improves the skin’s elasticity.

Mango Butter

Like the other butters mentioned, Mango butter has antioxidants and can also soothe and refresh the skin. With the help of some vitamins and nutrients, mango can soften and moisturise the skin and lips.

These are just some of the many natural ingredients that the USA-based company includes in its Burt’s Bees Lipstick. As you can see, these ingredients and substances are not there without purpose. Each one offers benefits and other functions that can provide the results it promises to consumers.

Another great thing about Burt’s Bees products is that they do not contain any parabens or petroleum derivatives. These substances can be harmful to one’s health.

Where Can I Buy Burt’s Bees in Australia?

While Burt’s Bees originated in Maine in the United States, it has managed to slowly but surely spread all over the world. Due to its immense popularity among female consumers, it has already reached Australia.

If you are located in the Land Down Under and you’re interested on getting one, you can find one in your local beauty stores and pharmacies. If you do not have the time to shop around, there are also designated retailers online. Before purchasing from a physical store, make sure that the Burt’s Bees product has the following:

  • Certification from the Leaping Bunny – The Leaping Bunny is an international organisation that certifies whether a particular company is cruelty free or not.
  • Authentic-looking box – Check the packaging of the item. If there is anything suspicious about it such as non-existent label, erased expiration dates, etc. then look for Burt’s Bees product somewhere else. Remember that fake manufacturers would not release counterfeit products in the market unless they look similar to the real thing.
  • Address of local manufacturer or distributor – These details are very important so you would know who to contact and where the distributor is located in case something’s wrong with the item. It also pays to check if there is an instruction manual inside.

Make sure you check these factors before making the purchase. On the other hand, if you are an online shopper, here are some things you need to remember:

  • Check the credibility and reputation of the online seller – Any knowledgeable person can put up his own website and claim to be selling goods from reputable manufacturers. Then, when an unsuspecting customer shops and pays for the goods, the website owner would close it down, taking the victim’s money. To avoid such situations, make sure the website or online seller is legitimate. Search for comments on their social media accounts, and look for any information about the store on Google.
  • Be cautious if the price is ‘too good to be true – One downside of online shopping is that you cannot talk to a salesperson who can answer your questions right away. Most of the time, you have to wait for a couple of hours to a day before your inquiries are answered. But here’s one tip – if you think the price for the product is too cheap, then it probably isn’t a legitimate seller.
  • The online seller should have a Returns policy – One way you can check whether a seller is legit or not is through its returns and refunds policies. The absence of such policies does not automatically mean that the store is fake. The point is that if there are such policies, then there is a higher chance that you are dealing with a trusted seller.

Indeed, Burt’s Bees lip balm and lip-gloss are useful additions to your kit. Whenever your lips get chapped due to dry weather, just apply the lip balm until you have smoothened the entire lip area. Unlike other brands, Burt’s Bees lip gloss and lip balm do not just repair cracked lips, but also make sure they will not crack anytime soon.


  1. Hailey 3 years ago

    Definitely a must have! My favorite kind of lip balm for 2the best price you can get.

  2. Andrea 3 years ago

    I always keep one in my bag as it soothes small burns, insect bites and hydrate my lips most of the time. Good stuff!

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