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Going on a trip involves a lot of excitement. With your tickets booked and your annual leave approval already cleared, there is only one more thing to do: “The packing struggle” – Packing up our clothes, makeup and skin care essentials can be really frustrating, especially when you have only a certain baggage allowance, not to mention all the articles not allowed in your carry-on, where you needed the most..

And, as exciting as traveling can be, you should never forget the fact that traveling can be a little harsh on your skin. Not only the air on planes but also keep in mind that your travel destination possibly has different weather conditions than here and your skin needs that little bit of extra care.

That is why you need an effective carry-on globetrotting beauty pack like the Black Chicken Remedies Travel Skin Care Kit to look and always feel good even at the most tiring part of you traveling journey.

Image of Black Chicken Remedies Travel Skin Care Kit/Starter Pack by Love Thyself Australia

It includes six handy smart-size products that can perfectly fit into your handbag or your carry-on and keep your skin hydrated and healthy looking at all times.

Purifying Oil Cleanser

Image of Black Chicken Remedies – Organic Purifying Oil Cleanser Sample Size 5ML by Love Thyself Australia

You can use this oil anytime during your trip, whenever you need to clean your face or if you need to remove makeup before bed. Black Chicken Cleanse My Face is made with fourteen medicinal oils that can naturally calm, cleanse and effortlessly penetrate your skin without having to use harsh chemicals or alcohols to remove impurities and makeup to maintain the optimum natural balance of oil on your skin.

Gentle Revitaliser

Black Chicken Remedies - Complexion Polish Exfoliator 5ml 01

The Black Chicken Complexion Polish is best used together with Black Chicken Cleanse My Face. It can instantly brighten and smoothen your skin even without your makeup on, while visibly reducing your pore’s appearance. If you ever had a sunburned encounter during your road trips, you can just apply this lifesaver and reduce its appearance to capture an Instagram-worthy photo.

You can also be a sweetheart and help your man to look better with this baby bottle. As it can also be used by your partner for a perfect pre-shave application by lifting their facial hair to allow the razor to glide over the skin for a smooth and clean shave.  

Hydration Booster

Black Chicken Remedies - Organic Moisture Surge Serum 30ml 01


Whether your destination is hot or cold, hydrating and moisturising is essential for a healthy glowing skin. Black Chicken Love Your Face Serum is a fast-acting serum that is suitable for all skin types but works best for delicate skin. It can be used during the day and as your hydrating booster at night. It can effectively clear your pores while allowing the skin to breathe. Leaving your skin fuller, moisturised and youthful looking.

This can be your perfect choice to spark up your tired face before the big night out.

All Purpose Remedy


Black Chicken Remedies - Balm of Ages 15g 01

If you are going for a family vacation or you are the one who is always known to be prepared in your squad take Black Chicken Balm of Ages – All Purpose Remedy can definitely help you save the day on all skin care problems with just one application. It can be used on your lip and all over your body. Its 19 restorative ingredients can moisturise your skin, soothe sunburns, solve rashes, prevent skin irritation, minimize stretch marks appearance, help to heal bruises and nourish dry cracked skins.

Natural Deodorant Paste

Black Chicken Remedies - Axilla Deodorant Paste 75g 01

Everyone travels and perspires from the long walks, zip line adventures, surfing and even just a  regular shopping trip. If you are that type of person who is odour and chemical conscious then this one is for you. Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste is 100% made with natural ingredients. It is made to neutralise your underarm odour, reduce chicken skin appearance and keeps you smell fresh without inhibiting your sweat glands ability to dispel toxins.

Nourishing Supplements

Black Chicken Remedies - Love Your Body Oil 100ml 01

Let’s face it – we are not getting any younger and our skin needs extra care. Black Chicken – Love Your Body is made to face that struggle. This can be your partner and secret weapon in slowing down the signs of aging while your skin is being exposed to different kinds of weather. It helps your skin adjust to that while supplementing essential ingredients to keep you look radiant at all times.

Is this skin care kit enough for your getaways?

A big YES! These six handy smart-size products are enough to help you survive your weekend getaways and family vacations. All products mentioned above can be used by day, night and even during emergencies such as insect bites and skin irritations. You can get Black Chicken Remedies Travel Skin Care Kit here at Love ThySelf. But if you are someone who has special skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea – do not forget to bring the prescribed moisturiser your doctor gave you.

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  1. Jade Ryrie 2 years ago

    BCR travel skin care kit is a good start before purchasing full size. I so loved the deodorant paste from the smell to its outcome. Very handy and perfect for traveling!

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