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How Bentonite Clay Works To Improve Beautiful Skin image by Love Thyself Australia

bentonite clay imageAustralians spend millions of dollars every year on skincare and other beauty products. Many of these products available in supermarkets contain harmful chemicals which lead to health problems in the long run. It’s why women all over the world are now looking for natural and organic skincare products for their beauty regimen.

Bentonite clay and many other healing clays have been used for centuries, but only recently have emerged as popular organic alternatives, especially for getting rid of toxins from the body.

How Bentonite Clay Works

Bentonite Clay, also known as montmorillonite is mineral clay mined from soil in the Fort Benton area of Wyoming. The bentonite face mask imageclay is formed as a result of weathering and ageing of volcanic ash coming in contact with water.

Bentonite clay has a powerful negative charge. When it is mixed with water it becomes like a magnet for absorbing toxic chemicals like mercury and aluminium, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and toxic metals. It pulls impurities from the body but does not add any nutrients.

When preparing mixtures, always use a non-metallic spoon because metallic spoons are believed to negate the detoxifying and cleaning properties of bentonite clay.

Uses of Bentonite Clay

Here are some of the ways bentonite clay can be used to improve skin condition.

As Acne Treatment

Acne results from excessive sebum production which clog pores of the skin causing blemishes. People with acne secrete thrice as much sebum as compared to those who have normal skin.
Bentonite molecules become charged when mixed with water and draw out toxins beneath the surface when applied to the skin’s surface.

Reduces Facial Swelling

The swelling of tissue under the skin, known as edema is a result of sodium and fluid retention which is a sign of kidney problems, side effects of medicines, heart conditions or kidney problems. Bentonite clay when applied to the affected area sucks up water, draws out the excess sodium and eliminates toxins from the body.

Helps in Treating Fungal Infections

Skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema are caused as a result of fungal infections on the skin’s surface. Most fungi are positively charged and applying a bentonite face mask with negatively charged clay will help with the healing process by absorbing and drawing out the fungus.

Repairing Damaged Tissue

Bentonite clay assists with healing and regeneration of skin tissue. It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines, restoring smoothness to the face.

Prepare a mixture of bentonite clay powder, oatmeal and water. Add some calendula, garlic or thyme and apply it on the affected area.

Bentonite clay also comes in handy for treating burns, stings and bites. Apply a thick layer of the clay on skin and cover it with moist gauze cloth. Change the cloth every two or three hours until the swelling and pain subside.

Reduces Scarring from Acne

Scarring from Acne can leave the face looking unsightly. Bentonite clay is a natural remedy for removing scars left after acne treatment. The negatively charged clay removes toxins from pores, reduces redness, inflammation and assists with healing of the skin.

Other Ways Bentonite Clay Can Help

While bentonite clay is a safe and effective application for a number of skin conditions, there are also other ways it can be used to promote good health:

Infant powder – Sprinkle a small amount of clay on your infant if he or she has developed rash or soreness. You can also add some bentonite clay to water and prepare a mask which can be applied the baby’s tender skin.

Detox bath – Add one-fourth cup of bentonite clay and some organic lavender oil to bathwater for a refreshing and detoxifying bath which will give your skin smooth and glowing.

Toothpaste – Mix a tiny bit of bentonite clay with your toothpaste. Bentonite clay will assist with drawing of toxins from your mouth. To remove impurities from the mouth you can also mix a little bentonite clay with water and use it to rinse the mouth at any time of the day.

Combat morning sickness – Pregnant women can get relief from that queasy feeling by adding a pinch of bentonite clay to water and drinking it a couple of times a day.

With the push towards organic products as a healthier option to regular skincare brands, it’s a good idea to keep some bentonite clay on hand. With so many uses, few organic products come close to offering the benefits provided by this ancient healing clay.

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  1. Ariana 2 years ago

    I’ve been using this product for the last few months and it has been regularly healing my digestive. Definitely worth every penny!

  2. Angela 2 years ago

    I was reluctant to use this product before until I’ve tried it way back 2012 and now I’m still using it for many ways such as digestive aid, detoxifier, wound cream, and facial mask.

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