Benefits of A Milk Bath
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Have you tried taking a milk bath? If you haven’t, have you heard about the benefits of taking a milk bath? Well, it’s true. Milk is one of the many ingredients from your kitchen that you can incorporate into your beauty regimen easily. If you pour milk into a warm bath maybe once or twice a week, then your skin will definitely benefit from this in many ways. Other than milk, you can also consider your favourite essential oils, honey and other natural or organic ingredients that are considered a good additive for your bath.



Now, to start off, here are some of the interesting benefits of taking a Milk Bath.


  1. Keeps you skin smooth, soft and glowing.

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll notice how your skin feels so smooth and supple, not to mention glowing! Thanks to the protein and fat that you get from this. The lactic acid from milk also helps exfoliate, cleanse and keeps your skin hydrated after your bath.


  1. Great for those who have skin irritations like eczema or severe dryness.

Since milk contains protein and fat that provides enough moisture that keeps skin hydrated and soothes away dryness like no other. It’s best to use naturally derived ingredients instead of bubble baths that contain toxic chemicals and eventually harms your skin after long-term use. Stick to natural remedies and you’ll be surprised how this change can help improve your skin condition after consistent use.


  1. It helps relieves stress and help you feel more relaxed.

Taking a milk bath at home can be quite a soothing and relaxing experience. It’s also convenient as it’s easy to do at home. You can also choose to add essential oils into the bath which also provides a therapeutic sensation that you definitely don’t want to miss especially after a hard day’s work. You can try lavender, peppermint, chamomile and eucalyptus essential oils to increase the relaxation experience.


  1. It helps enhance your skin.

If you’ve heard of Cleopatra’s secret which was taking milk baths to keep her skin youthful, then don’t you think that this deserves a spot in your daily beauty or skincare routine? Lactic acid in milk helps improve your skin’s appearance by keeping your skin smooth as it helps eliminate dead skin cells from the surface. It also helps with pigmentation and protects your skin from premature ageing.



Are Milk Soaps a Good Alternative?


Milk soaps can also be considered a good alternative when you indulge yourself in a milk bath. Just make sure that it contains only naturally-derived ingredients and not toxic additives. You will experience the gentleness of these types of soap since they are typically formulated with pH level that is quite similar to our skin’s natural pH. Find those that contain goat’s milk as it is considered gentle yet effective in exfoliation even for those with sensitive skin or irritated skin. They also contain milk fat, vitamins, minerals and triglycerides.


There are many ways to keep our skin smooth, soft and youthful. But a natural alternative to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful using common ingredients at home, like milk, is definitely worth trying.

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  1. Charli McDonnell 3 years ago

    I have dry eczema on my legs and arms. So taking milk bath once a week leaves my skin feeling soft, supple, and youthful.

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