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Skin Care

Australia Day is fast approaching and what better way than to celebrate by securing some skincare must-haves to bring out the radiance in your complexion. Let me guess, after the holiday binge and indulgence you’re probably feeling your skin needs attention, it feels like it’s dehydrated and lacking the healthy glow you used to have. You’re definitely right to feel this way!


Our skin deserves some much-needed pampering after all that binge so try indulging in something healthier, not only for your skin but for your overall wellbeing. Here at Love Thyself we cater to skincare, hair care, and other wellness products that are infused with only natural, plant-based, and organic ingredients that will satisfy any skin type that needs it.


The nourishment your skin deserves will be satisfied with these natural and organic must-haves so you can undoubtedly look your beautiful best on Australia Day!



Sun Care


Since Australia Day means lots of fun and celebration, you can expect that there might be lots of fun and activities under the sun. So it’s always safe to celebrate while protecting your skin with a sunscreen that feels light but with enough SPF to keep the sun’s UVA and UVB rays from penetrating and damaging the surface of your complexion. Sun care must be a top priority on your list of must-haves for Australia Day. These natural and organic sun care products will protect and beautify your skin while enjoying the festivities:


Wotnot Natural Sunscreen SPF 30+ 150g

Protect your whole family from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays with this broad-spectrum sunscreen that’s packed with healthy ingredients including grapeseed oil, sesame oil, safflower oil, candelilla wax, shea butter, certified organic Aloe Vera, and more. Indeed, this worry-free natural sunscreen can be used for the rest of the family, even with sensitive skin types. If you prefer a vegetarian-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, and BPA free alternative then this will satisfy your requirements.


Aloe Pura Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion 200ml

People typically neglect to apply after sun lotion after soaking too many hours in the sun which is why it would be a great idea to carry Aloe Pura’s Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion inside your tote or handbag on Australia Day. This after sun lotion is what your skin needs to relieve, hydrate and rejuvenate after too much sun exposure. It contains ingredients that provide a delicious treat to dry and sun-exposed skin including Aloe Vera, avocado, lavender, chamomile, vitamin E, Almond, and more.


Sun & Earth All Day Tinted Cream Sandy Light 50g

If you want to protect your skin without dabbing too much makeup, the Sun & Earth’s All Day Tinted Cream is your ticket! Its light formula protects your skin from the sun with added amazing benefits of 100% natural and certified organic ingredients including coconut oil, cacao butter, olive oil, raw cacao powder, and locally-sourced beeswax. Its water-resistant formula has SPF 30 protection and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like petrochemicals, parabens, artificial scents, and etc. It’s also tinted which means that it’s no longer necessary to pack on additional foundation if you prefer a lighter and more natural finish that still covers up some mild blemishes or imperfections on your face. This tinted cream is available in three shades: Sandy light, Sunny Medium, and Earthy Dark. Take your pick!



Skin Care


Prepping your skin for Australia Day can be daunting, especially when you’re faced with stress and lacklustre skin that’s to the binging and indulgence brought about during the holiday season. But it can be a fun and soothing treat as long as you know exactly what products to nourish your skin with, so you can enjoy a radiant and youthful glow by the time you’re done.  Here are some nourishing products to prep your skin for the upcoming Australian Day festivities:


Verissima Natural Skincare Hemp Rescue Moisturiser 120ml

To avoid dull skin during the festivities, apply a generous amount of Verissima Natural Skincare Hemp Rescue Moisturiser. It’s deeply moisturising and exactly what a woman’s skin needs, especially its primary ingredient, Certified Organic Hemp Oil. This ingredient is well-known for its multitude of nourishing benefits for the skin due to the high content of linoleic acid. After trotting about and having a great time on Australia Day, you’re going to need this rescue moisturiser to bring back your skin’s lustre after a busy and active day.


Vegan Organics Organic Face Cleansing Oil 125ml

Before you go to bed, always be certain that you face is clean and smooth, and free from makeup residue. Try the Vegan organics Organic Face Cleansing Oil to remove unwanted dirt, dead skin, and residue to keep your face ultra-clean and smooth. This cleansing oil contains organic ingredients that work well in removing dirt from the surface as well as those that tend to get stuck within the pores. These ingredients are coconut, Almond, and grape seed.



Babs Bodycare Natural Deodorant Tea Tree 60g

You probably want to ensure that you smell fresh and clean throughout the day. Since Australia Day means a lot of activities are in store for you, make sure that you stay odour-free with Babs Bodycare Natural Deodorant Tea Tree. It helps to neutralise bad body odour as well as odour-causing bacteria to keep you smelling and feeling fresh despite your busy schedule.

Image of Babs Bodycare – Natural Deodorant Tea Tree 60g by Love Thyself Australia


Jumpstart your Australia Day with these natural and organic products to keep you looking and smelling fabulous as well as enjoy the festivities better, these products keep your skin protected and radiant for the rest of the day.

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  1. Amelia Swain 1 year ago

    The Aloe Pura Sun Lotion is a very good moisturiser. I’m using it with other natural products and I managed to control my eczema. It works really well and non sticky.

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