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Skin Care
Are Wotnot facial cleansing wipes good for your skin image by Love Thyself Australia

The world continues to progress by the day through science, technology and numerous breakthroughs. Unfortunately, this progress comes with a price – pollution. While buildings and various infrastructures are built, and while urban areas are filled with state of the art automobiles, the level of pollution also drastically rises.

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree with when it comes to pollution, it’s that it does not do
anything good for the world. Emissions from vehicles and industrial sites contribute to global warming, which is the reason why temperatures all over the world continue to face wipes

In the same way, natural habitats of various species – both flora and fauna – are damaged, leading to irreversible effects. Finally, pollution greatly affects the human health, and without proper care and personal hygiene, any person who is often exposed to pollution may suffer from illnesses in the long run.

Science and studies show that there are various skin and health conditions that are caused or related to pollution. Moreover, research shows that if people do not take these matters seriously, they would eventually ‘wear’ pollution on their faces and skin in the next 10 years.

Here are some of the common skin problems that are directly or indirectly caused by pollution:

  • Age spots and wrinkles – Whenever pollutants stay on the surface of the skin, they result in chronic inflammation, wherein high levels of collagen are expelled from the skin. When this happens, wrinkles and age spots start to appear.
  • Immature aging – Research has also shown that pollution is related to immature aging, especially among the working professionals of this generation.
  • Skin irritation – Chemicals in pollutants may irritate the skin, leading to redness, inflammation, and enlarged blood vessels.
  • Acne problems – The minute particles in pollution can clog skin pores, leading to more production of oil on the skin surface. Acne breakouts then become common problems.

If you do not want to experience any of these skin conditions, then you have to act now.

So what’s the solution?

It is pretty easy to combat pollution and protect yourself from possible skin problems. Experts recommend that the best way to minimise the harmful effects of pollution is washing your face as often as needed. Because pollutants are found in the air, they always get in contact with your skin. What’s worse is that even in a moment, these pollutants can stick to your skin surface and do the damage.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with this recommended solution: you can’t wash your face every time you want, unless you bring with you a bucket filled with water every where you go.

So what’s the next best thing? Wiping your face with wipes for oily skin.

Because of the dangers of pollution to the skin, cosmetic manufacturers have begun creating products that provide the second-best solution. With the help of the best face wipes, you can clean your face and get rid of pollutants, dirt and even bacteria.

Are oily face wipes good for your skin?

Glad that you asked. There are a ton of benefits for using facial wipes, and here are some of them:natural facial wipes

  • They are quick and easy to use – With the help of facial wipes, you won’t need to wash your face every so often. You can just take out your organic wipes and use it to clean your face quickly. Some wipes are dry while others are wet. Whichever you use, rest assured that it can definitely help your skin get rid of pollutants.
  • Wipes serve more than one purpose – The organic wipes today are not just for cleaning. Most of these products contain substances and ingredients that react with the skin surface, resulting in other benefits aside from cleansing.
  • They can help remove makeup efficiently – If you are a woman who loves wearing makeup wherever you go, make sure you keep a facial wipe with you. While soap and water, and tissues may not work effectively, a facial wipe may be able to do the job.
  • There are facial wipes for all skin types – There are face wipes for sensitive skin, so you do not have to worry about side effects because there are none. As long as the product is made from natural ingredients, expect that it does not have any adverse side effects.
  • Wipes can work with any facial or skin cleanser – If you use an exfoliator product or a facial cleanser, you can use the wipes to apply the cleanser. Doing so will make the cleanser more effective.
  • They help exfoliate the skin – Depending on the abrasiveness of the facial wipes, they can exfoliate the skin by taking away dead skin cells without causing any irritations. As a result, you will always have new skin that will never look dull or dry.

As you can see, getting face wipes is a good idea if you are always on the go, and you’re often exposed to pollution. It can also be a quick way to clean your skin just in case you are too tired or lazy to wash your face before going to bed.

While it is highly suggested by skin care experts that people start using skin and facial wipes, not all wipes are made equal. If you want to make sure that your wipes will do you good, here are some important factors to consider:

Place of manufacture

Make sure it is indicated where the products are made. This is a simple yet very important detail that shows whether the company is transparent to its consumers or not.

Source of materials

How did the manufacturer get its materials for the production? Was it a natural way such as organic farming, or did it use artificial procedures? You have to take note of these things before getting any product. Even if the product says ‘natural,’ there may be something wrong if the source materials were sourced artificially.

Process of production

How was the product produced? Did it include animal testing? Did the manufacturer include a small amount of artificial chemical to ‘complete’ the product? These details are usually included in the product, or stated by the manufacturer. More often than not, the companies that do ‘artificial’ processes are not transparent when it comes to these details.

Skin care ingredients

What natural skin care ingredients did the manufacturer include to provide additional benefits? For instance, cotton in itself cannot do everything. That is why some manufacturers choose other organic ingredients that have positive effects to the skin.

Trusted brand

Finally, ask yourself whether you are familiar with the brand or not. Does it have an official website
or a social media page? What do consumers and authority resources say about the brand? Has it already been reviewed in blogs or vlogs online? You have to know these things before you choose a brand you can trust.

These are just a few of the factors you need to remember before choosing wipes for your skin. But just in case you want to have it the easy way, you may want to check out Wotnot facial wipes.

Wotnot is an Australian-based manufacturer that creates all-organic products and items. As stated on its official website, Wotnot ensures that all of its products are made from organic materials, are biodegradable, and were not tested on animals.

Wotnot’s facial wipes for oily and sensitive skin is the company’s flagship and most popular brand. Wotnot assures that from manufacture up to labeling, its facial wipes are completely 100% organic, and they do not contain any artificial chemicals. Here are some of the characteristics of Wotnot wipes:

  • Contains papaya, pink grapefruit and rosehip – These three organic ingredients help in
    exfoliating the face without making it dry and dull. All three natural ingredients have been proven to help improve the look of the skin.
  • Completely free from chemicals such as parabens, artificial fragrances and pertochemicals – Believe it or not, most personal hygiene products in the market, including facial wipes, have chemicals and artificial fragrances that make them so popular. Unfortunately, the presence of these chemicals may lead to worse problems in the long run.
  • The wipes are compostable and biodegradable – Another great thing about Wotnot is that it is genuinely considerate about the environment. That is why its products are compostable and biodegradable – they don’t add to harmful waste that is difficult to decompose.

Wotnot facial wipes are among the best wipes in the market today. They do not only contain natural ingredients, but also organic substances to improve the overall condition of your skin. Whether you are alarmed about your skin’s exposure to pollution, or you are someone who wears makeup everyday, a Wotnot cleansing wipe is definitely the way to go.

If you are searching for Wotnot organic face wipes, check out one of its accredited distributors, Love Thyself. For the past several years, this Australian-based online seller has served thousands of consumers who are looking for quality organic products. Visit our page, or call (1300) 475 877 today for more details.


  1. Lisa 2 years ago

    I liked Wotnot facial tissue coz they are very natural and very effective in cleansing my face especially removing eye makeups.

  2. Gabrielle Rupp 2 years ago

    My favorite wipes. It actually does remove my make up instantly and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

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