7 Easy-to-do Dry Skin Treatment Options for You
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7 Easy-to-do Dry Skin Treatment Options for You image by Love Thyself

Nobody wants to experience dry skin. Aside from the fact that it is irritating and distracting, it is actually not good for the body. The skin is the biggest organ of the body because it completely covers the entire body. But because of this fact, the skin is also among the dirtiest areas of the body due to direct contact with pollution and dirt in the environment.

However, these are not just the only effects of the environment to the skin. Exposure to too much sunlight can make the skin dry and more prone to allergies and itching. Bacteria may enter the skin through open wounds, causing infection and other more complicated problems.

The skin naturally has a protective barrier consisting of natural oils, water and other nutrients. The role of these agents is to make sure the skin is healthy on the outside. They also play a role in keeping outside particles from entering the skin through the pores.

But once these oils are taken away, it leaves the skin dry, and susceptible to wear and tear. While it may be easy to say, preventing dry skin is actually challenging. But what causes dry skin? There are certain factors that often contribute to this problem:

• Humid weatherdry skin hands
• Irritants
• Extensive rubbing
• Skin conditions
• Signs of aging

These are just some of the common reasons you have dry skin. In addition to these, most people are not aware that their soaps can also take away the moisture from their skin. Some of these products claim to provide bacteria and dirt-free skin when in fact what they do is just strip your skin of its natural moisture.

So what if my skin is dry?

If you think there is nothing wrong with dry skin, think again. There is a reason the skin needs moisture, and you may be surprised how important this is to one’s health. Just in case you are unconvinced that dry skin is a big deal, here are some of the possible results of having dry skin:

• Pimple breakouts in the facedry skin moisturiser
• Itchiness and redness
• Gets easily irritated
• Other skin conditions

Like other parts of the body, the skin should be kept well hydrated in order to function well. If you often experience dry skin, then you should know some remedies for dry skin.

Treatment for dry skin is easily accessible. One of the most popular ways is to use a skin moisturiser. These moisturisers usually come in either cream or oil form. Their function is simple – moisturise the skin and prevent it from drying.

But while some of these products actually work, a lot of people are not really aware how they should use moisturisers. Here is a short guide for your reference:

• Take a shower and make sure you use the right kind of soap. Keep away from soaps that take away moisture from the skin.
• After the shower, gently use the towel in drying your skin.
• Never rub your skin too much using the towel. By doing this, you would only take away excess water, while the skin slowly absorbs some water, making it damp and cold.
• Use the moisturiser to ‘lock in’ the moisture in your skin. Once your skin absorbs the water, this is where you should use the moisturiser to make sure the water stays for a while.

It may sound silly, but there are people who buy moisturisers but do not actually know how they work and help the body. Believe it or not, moisturisers work better not on dry skin, but on damp skin.

Aside from using the best dry skin cream, there are also other ways to treat and solve dry skin problems. Here are just a few of them:

1. Always check the humidity in a room – Humidity is the amount of water in the atmosphere. Under such circumstances, the nutrients and moisture on the skin are easily lost due to the heat. When this happens, you will start to feel sweaty and sticky, and you may even begin scratching your skin due to itchiness. In order to avoid this, make sure you check the level of humidity by using a hygrometer.
2. Remember to cover up – Cover up whenever you are going outside. This does not mean covering yourself completely – just make sure that your exposed parts are protected from the heat of the sun. Wear a hat or cap and bring an umbrella. Exposure to direct sunlight heats up the skin, causing the nutrients and moisture to disappear.
3. Take a quick shower after swimming in a pool – There is one common substance that easily irritates the skin, not to mention the fact that it blocks the pores – chlorine. That is why after taking a dip into a swimming pool, make sure you take a quick shower afterwards. This way, you can get rid of the chlorine on your skin, preventing drying of your skin.
4. Use simple solutions such as petroleum jelly – Another good way to get rid of dry skin is to use products such as petroleum jelly. This substance is very effective in bringing back moisture to the skin. Another great thing about it is that it only consists of one substance derived straight from nature. As a result, you don’t need to worry that it would have negative effects on your skin.
5. Try an oatmeal rub or bath – In recent decades, skin care experts are recommending the use of oats as an agent that helps restore the skin’s lost moisture. Just grind the oats into fine bits, add water and rub it on your skin. Some people go the extra mile and prepare oatmeal baths.
6. Get rid of irritants at home – Irritation will lead you to scratch your skin, taking away the moisture and other essential nutrients that make it healthy. In order to prevent irritation and allergies, make sure to clean your home and get rid of dust. Wash your bed sheets often to keep mites and other minute insects away.
7. Bring a handy sanitizer with you – Finally, using a hand sanitizer can work wonders. Whenever you feel that your skin is dry due to the weather, you can use a sanitizer to moisturise the skin and keep it fresh. Just make sure you are using an organic sanitizer to avoid any problems.

Experiencing dry skin is not easy. There are times when your skin becomes so dry that small dirt particles can block pores, leaving your skin itchy. Scratching that itch may cause further irritation, and can even lead to infection. That is why you should be aware of dry skin care tips – to save you from the trouble.

What is the best moisturising cream today?

There are various moisturising creams nowadays, most of which can be found in local stores and shops throughout the country. Unfortunately, not all of these items are completely safe. Some manufacturers use chemicals in the production of these products.

If you are someone who values his or her health and physical well being so much, you would not want your skin to get in contact with such chemicals, would you? Aside from the fact that these substances are artificial and may cause irritation, they may also cause additional side effects and conditions.

Choose organic skin treatment

If you want to make sure you would not experience any adverse side effects from the products you are using, then make sure to try an all-organic item. Good thing there are various manufacturers today who are committed in bringing safe, natural, and high quality products to the market.

COMVITA Natural Skintensive Cream 95g is a one of a kind moisturising cream. Aside from the fact that it moisturises the skin, it also aids in restoring the natural oils and nutrients that the skin loses on a day-to-day basis. With the help of this cream, you can be sure that your skin maintains its youthful and fresh look.

However, just in case what you are experiencing is not just dry skin, you may want to check with a skin expert or physician. Two of the most common skin conditions are eczema and dermatitis. While both of these conditions may go away on their own, a person who has them will definitely feel uncomfortable. Under these kinds of situations, it may be beneficial to try the COMVITA Medihoney® Natural Eczema Cream 50g.

Both the COMVITA Natural Skintensive cream and the Natural Eczema Cream are available in online stores nationwide. However, be careful when purchasing these items and make sure they are not counterfeit products. If you want to make sure you are purchasing the real thing, visit Love Thyself.

Love Thyself is an online shop that is committed in bringing only natural and organic items to its consumers. For many years, this Australia-based store has provided dozens of items and products to its consumers who love anything organic. If you want to know more about other skin treatment options, or COMVITA’s other products, you may contact Love Thyself.

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  1. Tricia 3 years ago

    I have sensitive skin and got eczema but I was pleased with the results I got once I started using Comvita Natural Skintensive Cream. Even my kids loved the benefits of this product.

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