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People are exposed to pollution, dirt, and all sorts of bacteria whenever they go out of their homes. While there are forms of pollution that can easily be recognised by the naked eye, there are also some that are almost invisible because they are made up of tiny particles.

When these tiny particles come in contact with your skin, especially your facial skin, they may cause clogging of the pores, and even oily skin. What’s worse is that some microbes lead to skin infections and diseases, which cannot be simply treated using soap and water. So what’s the solution?

In order to prevent such instances, preventive measures and tips are better than solutions to cure the disease or infection. Obviously, you cannot stop going out of the house because you need to work, study or buy things. The only way to prevent this is to always keep your face clean and free from any pollutants.

Facemasks and why they matter

One of the recent products which can help prevent facial skin conditions is the popular facemask. Contrary to popular belief, this hygienic product is not just for female users. Even men can use it to keep their skin fresh and clean.

Facemasks are not just for beauty purposes. Their primary function is for cleansing, which means everyone can use it to clean their face. If you are new to using facemasks, then this is a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it:shutterstock_184368365

  • Brace yourself for a messy time. Unless you are using a full mask that you can put on your face directly, preparations for using a facemask are messy. Make sure you are wearing something that you don’t mind getting messy in.
  • Clean your face. The final preparation you should remember before applying the facemask cream is to clean your face. Use gentle soap and water to get rid of bacteria, pollution and other particles.
  • Use a damp hand on a damp face. After washing your face, wash your hands and dry them with a towel. Then, use them in putting the facemask cream on your face. If you have a full mask product, then make sure that you place it properly. Do not rub the mask on your skin – simply put it on. When using a cream type of facemask, remember not to put anything on your eyes. You can even apply a greater concentration of cream on certain portions of your face.
  • Wait. Depending on what was mentioned in the instructions, allow the facemask to soothe your skin and take out the impurities. Most facemask brands require more than 10 minutes for their products to take effect. During this time, you can do all sorts of things while waiting – iron clothes, watch TV, or check your Facebook account.
  • Remove the mask. Finally, you may now remove the facemask and see what it has done to your face in the last several minutes. Most of the time, you will see immediate results, although some of its benefits are achieved gradually.

These are just simple tips that anyone can follow – whether you’re someone who’s using facemasks for the first time, or you use one every now and then.

It is recommended by experts that you use a facemask every day to achieve the optimal results. However, even if you don’t do it too often, you will definitely notice the benefits.

Enjoy the benefits of face masks

The facemask is not designed to be used at home or in a private place. Facemasks are inexpensive and easily affordable
for most people.

Here are some of the advantages of using a facemask.

Cleanses the skin

This is probably the most important benefit you can get for using or wearing a facemask. Soap and water may be the most basic thing you can use for washing your face after a long day’s work, but it’s not enough. Most of the time, you are unable to reach inside the pores where dirt or bacteria may be stuck.


Another benefit of facemasks is that most of them use a form of menthol that soothes the skin upon contact. In spite of a
tiring and stressful day, you can feel that your facial muscles are slowly relaxing, as they feel cool at the same time.

Refines pores

This simply means that the facemask can clean the deeper portions of your pores, taking out excess oil, acne, and dead skin cells. As a result, you are less likely to have pimples or an oily skin.

Hydrates the skin

A facemask can also provide the moisture and hydration that your face badly needs. The water from the facemask penetrates the skin, improving its elasticity and softening it.

As you can see, using a facemask has a ton of benefits, and all you need is about 30 minutes every day for the entire process of application until removal. Right after discovering its benefits, your next question could be where to find and buy the best facemasks.

The top 5 natural face masks in the market today

Personal hygiene companies and manufacturers are aware of the many benefits of face masks. They also know that millions of people all over the world are big fans of the facemask. Unfortunately, not all of them are committed in providing quality products and items. If you do not want to waste your money’s worth on products that simply do not work, here are some proven options you may try:

  1. Acure – Pore Minimising Red Clay Mask – This is a cream type of mask that is made out of red clay from Morocco. This substance is known to be rich in nutrients, and it has very high cleansing properties. This particular mask can reportedly draw out impurities from the pores, while also helping in toning and hydrating the skin. The product is a bit on the pricey side, but you’d expect a top-notch quality item from Acure Organics Natural.
  2. Face Mask Cleopatra Rose Petal Beauty Mask – This facemask is in powder form and needs the right amount of water to acquire its paste texture. It is made up of all natural materials such as rose petals, Zeolite clay and Australian pastel pink clay. Its primary function is to hydrate the skin, leaving it softer and smoother than ever before.
  3. Giovanni – D:tox Facial Mask – This facial mask cream is composed of a number of natural substances that are known as cleansing agents. These are volcanic ash, activated charcoal, acai and goji berries. These ingredients of the Giovanni D:tox Facial Mask help the user in achieving a healthy skin. This facemask is also applicable to both normal or sensitive skin so there’s nothing to worry about.
  4. Face Mask – Organic Matcha – Matcha is becoming one of the most popular herbal substances, which made it a popular choice among tea lovers. However, its benefits can also be applied externally through a facemask. The matcha powder can help improve skin tone, and make your skin softer and beaming with a healthy glow.
  5. Face Mask – Activated Charcoal – Known as a medical tool used in treating poisonous substances inside the body, activated charcoal has definitely come a long way. Besides its use as a teeth whitener, this particular charcoal can now be used as a facemask cream to take away the impurities from your face. After taking out all the dirt, pollution, blackheads, and acne, this face mask will leave soft and smooth facial skin.

All of these facial mask products have their own characteristics, and are made up of different substances to meet the varying needs of consumers. Most of these products can be purchased in physical health stores, although there are also an increasing number of online sites offering them as well.

Just make sure to check the reputation of the website to know that you are dealing with a trusted seller. Check out their social media accounts, email addresses, and even contact numbers.

Know which facemask is best for you

Before making the move, it is important to note that there are various types of facemasks you can choose from. The most popular types are the full mask, cream and powder. Full masks are easy to use and put on like an actual mask. The cream can be applied directly on the skin to form a mask of sorts. Lastly, the powder form should be mixed with the right amount of water to achieve a paste-like texture.

In addition, you should be aware of the benefits and results that each product promises. If your problem is an oily face, then look for a facemask that specifically addresses that issue.

Equipped with the right information, and by making the right choice, you can pick the best natural face mask to fit your needs.


  1. Victoria 2 years ago

    Great list! I love the Giovanni D:tox System Purifying Facial Mask coz it is cruelty-free and has a lovely scent.

  2. Natalie 2 years ago

    I’ve tried a few face scrubs but Acure Pore Minimising Red Clay Mask has been my favorite coz it’s easy to rinse off and loved the scent not too much powerful.

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