5 Favourite Reasons Why Women Choose Natural and Organic Beauty Products!
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Women have different reasons in choosing their beauty products. Some give importance to how much the product costs while others have been using specific products since their mothers have used them before. However, let’s not forget that some opt for natural and organic beauty products, despite their higher value than most conventional products, due to these top 5 reasons:



  1. Natural and organic beauty products mean that there are no nasties in them! That’s right, some women are very particular with the skincare or makeup products they use on their skin, and for a good reason I might add, that’s because they do not contain harmful ingredients like parabens, petroleum, synthetics, toxins and other nasties that could have harmful effects to your overall health after years of use. Some of these nasties are even linked to diseases like cancer which is enough to make me run the other way and straight to stores with natural and organic beauty products. Unlike before, it’s difficult to find healthier alternatives but now, we have Love Thyself to rely on when it comes to healthy skincare and beauty products that would suit women of different skin types and needs.


  1. These products are more effective in enhancing your features. Naturally, products with high quality and plant-based ingredients are super effective and safe to use on a daily basis. These products were not made to simply satisfy your skincare needs for a short period, rather it serves to provide proper nourishment that your skin deserves which helps stimulate your skin cells giving your skin a longer lasting healthier skin.


  1. Some women make this choice since most natural products are not tested on animals or cruelty-free. If your products only contain plant-based ingredients, there’s absolutely no need to test them on animals. You don’t need to be an expert to understand why we should choose cruelty-free instead of products that were tested on animals.


  1. Most companies who offer natural and organic products are locally sourced and made, which reduces waste and supports the environment as well as addresses the alarming issues related to global warming.


  1. Green companies are more transparent in terms of the ingredients they use which make it easier for women to know what ingredients were used in these products. It’s not really difficult to know which ingredients are harmful and which ones are not. Most nasties are difficult to pronounce. There’s a saying that if you find it difficult to pronounce the ingredients on the labels then turn the other way and choose a natural alternative. If you wish to provide your skin the proper nourishment and care it needs, then choose natural and organic as these ingredients will take care of your skin, nourishing it and allowing it to flourish through consistent use.


If you have decided to take the natural alternative to your beauty routine, here are some products you may want to start using and please feel free to tell us if any of these products have change your life, we know it did for us!


Bodz – Activated Charcoal & Clay Body Scrub 200g

Image of Bodz – Activated Charcoal & Clay Body Scrub 200g by Love Thyself Australia


Organic Rosehip Skincare – Organic Rosehip Luxurious Cream 60ml


James St Organics – Gentle Face Polish 100ml

Image of James St Organics – Gentle Face Polish 100ml by Love Thyself Australia

Artisans Bungalow – Organic Face Serum 15ml

Babs Bodycare – Rosehip & Hemp Face Oil 30ml

Image of Babs Bodycare – Rosehip & Hemp Face Oil 30ml by Love Thyself Australia

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  1. Sophie Stapleton 4 years ago

    For me, when it comes to choosing beauty products I always go for what’s best for my skin. Let’s be more cautious in purchasing our skincare products and take charge of our health.

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