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4 Reasons To Add Coffee Body Scrub To Your Daily Routine image by Love Thyself Australia

Are you a certified health enthusiast who always wants to push himself into a healthier lifestyle? Do you spend several hours a day keeping yourself healthy? Are you unafraid trying out new things for the sake of an improved overall health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it probably won’t hurt to add another activity to your daily health regime.

You are probably thinking to add a few cardiovascular exercises or some muscle building trainings, but that’s not what this is about.

Why don’t you use coffee been as body scrub for a change?

You may be thinking ‘I prefer sipping my coffee, thank you very much,’ but do you really think that drinking it is all you can do with coffee? Aside from your mouth, stomach and brain, your skin can also benefit from coffee.

Milk is said to be good to the skin, which is why there are centres that offer milk spas. If milk can be more than a drink, then why can’t coffee function the same way?

So you want to learn more? Then keep reading.

Coffee as a World-renowned Beverage

Since the dawn of time, coffee has been known as a stimulating beverage. As a stimulant, coffee allows the brain to stay active, sometimes even without enough rest or sleep. This way, people can do more things even without sleeping enough.

While coffee will always be loved by millions around the world for keeping them awake in reviews, examinations, interviews, projects and more, there is more to coffee than that.

Researchers recently found out there are also coffee body scrub benefits on the skin. As a result, manufacturers made coffee as a natural body scrub.

Body scrub? Seriously?

No kidding. It actually works! In fact, coffee body scrubs are becoming popular in Australia and overseas. Here are four reasons why a body scrub with coffee should be part of your daily routine:

1. Exfoliates and hydrates the skin – Do you have dry skin? Does your skin feel and look unremarkable due to stress? Good thing the coffee body scrub is here to fix your problems. An accompanying research shows that coffee exfoliates the skin and keeps it hydrated. As a result, you will always feel fresh and clean.Organic coffee body scrub image by Love Thyself Australia

2. Reduces cellulites and tightens skin – Sometimes, having a clean and hydrated skin are not enough. There are instances where the skin becomes saggy like it would pop out. One classic example is the eye bag. Bloggers and enthusiasts have tried and proven that putting coffee body scrub under and around the eyes can reduce the puffiness and swelling caused by crying or lack of sleep.

3. Detoxifies skin and promotes growth – Coffee is also a known antioxidant, and it brings that quality into play during contact with the surface of your skin. It takes away impurities from the top layer of the skin, and prevents free radicals from being produced in that particular area. In addition, coffee beans can also promote new skin to grow, resulting in a younger and healthier skin. Moreover, coffee can also promote blood circulation in your skin.

4. Relaxes and soothes the skin – Do you often book a vacation getaway just to relax and get away from all the stress at work? If you want to be relaxed, you do not have to spend too much. Just look for a decent brand of coffee body scrub and you can enjoy the moment without breaking the bank. One of the most important factors why coffee is so relaxing is its scent. Just smelling a hint of coffee in your scent can already make you feel relaxed.

So the next time you are aching for a facial or body spa, why don’t you try using a body coffee scrub instead? You will be surprised how coffee can make you feel really good without having to spend a fortune in spa centers and clinics.

How to Prepare a Coffee Body Scrub?

Now that you are fully aware of the different benefits of coffee as the best body scrub, the next question is how to do it. Do you just take a scoop from your every day coffee jar and rub it on your skin? Here are some simple steps so you can maximise this body scrub every day:

• Prepare the coffee body scrub. Before anything else, make sure you have a quality product with you. Open its package and pour some of its contents in a small tray. Then bring the tray with you inside the shower. You should also set up a used newspaper below your shower to catch all the coffee.

• Enter the shower and wet your body a little. Brushing coffee beans all over your dry body would be painful. That is why you should wet your entire body so the coffee powder can do its wonders to your skin.Natural coffee body scrub image by Love Thyself Australia

• Take a handful of the scrub and slowly massage it all over your body. Take a handful one at a time. Only get the amount of coffee that you can easily manage and rub all over your body. While you are massaging the coffee on your skin, you will notice that you will run out of coffee in your hand. You may also use a toothbrush to rub the coffee all over your body.

• Let the coffee scrub stay a little while. After scrubbing the coffee all over your body, do not rinse just yet. Allow the coffee
remnants to stay on top of your skin so it can slowly be absorbed the body. It is recommended that you let it stay for about 2 to 5 minutes before you rinse. When rinsing, do not forget to cover the drain in your shower to avoid clogging.

• Rinse well and feel revitalized. After rinsing you will definitely feel like a changed person. Depending on your brand, there may be lingering scents of lemon and vanilla together with coffee.

What’s great about coffee scrubs is that they do not cost as much as the more expensive body scrub mixtures in the market. Just make sure to pick a 100 percent all organic and natural product and you’re good to go.

In spite of the many advantages of coffee scrubs, it is still important to be careful when looking for one. You may search some social media sites or Google to find the finest coffee scrub products. There are a few tips on how to choose a coffee body scrub:

Do not use brewed coffee beans

One of the main factors why coffee body scrub is effective is its caffeine content. Following this thought, it would be better to use coffee that has not been brewed just yet to make sure that the caffeine is still there when it touches the skin.

Choose a quality and trusted brand

While you can always make your own coffee body scrub with the use of your every day coffee powder, salt and sugar, it is highly recommended to get products that are actually intended for body scrubbing.

Pick a trustworthy seller

If you are the type of person who loves buying products online, make sure you are getting the coffee scrub from a designated and official distributor. There are some online sellers that sell counterfeit products that do not work the same way as the original.

Where to Buy this Caffeine-Rich Body Scrub

In case you are wondering where you can find this unique body scrub, you will be surprised to know that it is already in the market. If you check both online and physical health stores, they are beginning to stock more coffee body scrub items due to the demand it has been getting.

For a certified health enthusiast such as you are, make sure you do not miss the opportunity. One trusted brand you may want to check out is the Coffee Body Scrub offered by Love Thyself. This product is composed of all natural ingredients such as roasted fair trade coffee beans, virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E, vanilla oil, and lemon oil.

Love Thyself is an online health and wellness seller based in Australia. It ensures that all of its products are 100 percent organic, and do not contain any artificial substances and chemicals. Just like its popular green teas, skin care and oral care products, its coffee scrub can bring the results you desire.

Most people nowadays get stressed and exhausted due to problems at work, pollution in the streets, love life, and other matters. Thankfully, there are ways to pamper themselves and be refreshed. Getting a coffee body scrub is a new way to achieve this.

So if you take care of yourself a few times a day through spas, massages, yoga, and more, why don’t you add the coffee body scrub. You may try it once a week, then twice, until you can’t get enough of it. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it will keep you refreshed.

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  1. Felicia 2 years ago

    Coffee scrub is absolutely amazing! I saw visible results right after I use it leaving my skin very soft.

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