4 Home Face SPA Treatments To Fight The Haggard Look
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4 Home Face SPA Treatments To Fight The Haggard Look article i,age by Love Thyself

Rarely do we have time to pamper ourselves after a long day of work as we typically feel that we deserve to rest already or we just want to spend the rest of the day with our family as our major anti-stress relievers. Right? And our role as Wonder Woman doesn’t even stop there as we need to do household chores (like cleaning up) after spending quality time with the family and fix things up for ourselves.

shutterstock_549367423Gone are the days when our natural fresh look just occurred naturally when we woke up in the mornings. With all the harmful radiations from our smartphones and computers, sleepless nights due to personal problems and the always busy lifestyle of our work it just seems impossible to wake up well rested.

Fact: A good skin day will always depend on our lifestyle as it does on our beauty progress. Some days of a complete night sleeps and escape from overthinking has always made us look fresh and blooming. But most of the days – well, really not so much, as achieving the things that we want while maintaining a social balance is not super easy at all. Most of us will even show these effects the next morning by going to the office with bleary-eyed and dehydrated skin.

So let’s move on to the lifesaving part of us beauties and skincare fanatics! Here are the Home Face SPA treatments that have helped us office girls to get the fresh look with our daily makeup routine.

Beat the Toxins

First things first – If you want to really achieve a perfect SPA-like experience at home, never forget to steam your face. This will soften up the pores, allowing any product you apply after to be absorbed better.


Then you should wash the toxins away with an all-natural facial scrub to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your face before putting on a face mask. If you’re thinking of an advisable brand for an all-natural and effective facial scrub, you can try Acure Brightening Facial Scrub which is great for all skin types. It is made with French green clay and dehydrated organic lemon peel to remove your skin’s impurities without drying your skin.

It’s also 100% Vegan, Gluten Free and does not contain harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, petroleum, phthalates, artificial fragrance and silicone. I have personally tried this one because of the customer reviews that it gained for that it can reduce your skin’s pigmentations and voila! It worked well for our beauty squad.

Do Face Massage While Washing


At first, I was seriously hesitant about this as I felt like massaging my face would result in saggy skin problems. But it was actually the other way around, facial massage may sound odd and unnecessary when washing your face. But several dermatologists have attest to that a two minutes face massage a day can help prevent wrinkles and relax your mind. Best to try this on your night routine.

Choose the Right Face Mask

Make sure you will choose the face mask that will help you enjoy and relax at the same time. Always remember to consider your preferences like smell, color, texture and more. There are a lot of environmental friendly face masks that have been tried and tested in the recent years and here are the two of the most effective on our most favourite list.

  • Activated Charcoal – this gritty black ingredient can detoxify and purify your skin, unlike chemical formulated face masks that can give negative reactions. Using activated charcoal as the main ingredient is less harmful to your skin.  So, how does this work? Activated charcoal helps to pull out the dirt in your pores while making them less visible. It can also take care of your oily skin as it removes the excess oil and soothes skin irritations.


  • Organic Matcha – for most ladies that are purely pursuing the green lifestyle Matcha has been on of their must – buy list. Matcha green tea powder is well recognised and praised today for its abundant health-promoting properties. This refreshing facial mask is good for dry skin and combinations. It is perfect for cleansing and rejuvenating your tired skin and sagging muscles. While pulling your pores tightly to revive your skin’s delicate facial layers into its natural resiliency, this mask is perfect in starting your mornings right as it gives you a calming and relaxing vibe with a healthy glowing skin.


Tone Your Skin

After the deep skin cleansing, it’s important for your pores to be closed off with a toner to prevent new toxins from entering straight away. Any toner that you have at home will do as long as it is not chemical formulated, as it would reverse the effect of the whole natural process that you have put into cleaning it in the first place.

If you are looking for an affordable and effective toner, I highly recommend Andalou Firming Toner. It is made with Vitamin C, skin friendly enzymes and coconut water. This can help you maintain your SPA-like beauty experience and it will surely keep your skin firm.

What’s the benefit of doing these treatments to your skin?

So make sure you do this routine on a regular basis as it can help you prevent early signs of aging and improve the look and feel of your skin. Your face needs extra special treatment as your face is being exposed with too much makeup, bacteria and weather changes every day, which makes it prone to daily skin damage.


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  1. Laura Jardine 4 years ago

    I’ve been using the Organic Match Face Mask from Peacock & Lotus for years now and I really can’t found a mask that can come close to this. It moistuises, clams, and leaves my skin glowing. Perfect for a home day spa ritual.

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