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Nowadays, with the help of the Internet, people are becoming more aware of the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles, diets and habits. As most people know, these factors could lead to very serious health conditions in the long run, so prevention is definitely better than cure.

However, in case you are wondering how you can improve your body’s systems and overall health through natural means, you may want to check out substances that are often called ‘Superfoods.’

So what are Superfoods?superfoods organic

This is a particular group of ingredients, substances and foods that are directly derived from nature
and do not contain any synthetic or artificial components. What’s remarkable is that these foods
contain not just a few, but multiple nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals that the body needs.

According to scientific research, the usual single serving of a particular superfood can be compared to a complete meal. In some cases, the best superfoods may even satisfy an entire day’s worth of essential nutrients in just a single meal.

From proteins, cooking ingredients, powders, leaves, to chocolate, some raw superfoods can really help your body become healthier and stronger.

Benefits of Taking Superfoods

Superfoods provide very helpful nutrients that most people cannot get in just a single meal serving. In fact, there are times when the contents of a particular superfood exceed that of multiple meals such as fast food and junk food.

So what’s great about these superfoods and how are they beneficial?

  • They are 100% safe – You know what’s good about superfoods? They are naturally derived from nature. That just means they are safe to take for humans like you and me. While some of them do have side effects, these are minor details compared to the vast amount of benefit you can get.
  • They contain loads of nutrients and minerals – What happens when a particular food source is naturally processed? It retains all of the minerals and nutrients, thus nothing is wasted.
  • Some have been proven to manage certain illnesses – Do you have hypertension? Heart problems? Diabetes? Poor immune system? If you have any of these, or anything related to poor health, superfoods can definitely help. The superfood cannot manage all of these on its own; you have to do your part as well in keeping a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Taking Superfoods or including them in your meals on a daily basis is definitely a good way to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle. If you have neglected your body and health in the past, you can still make amends and take Superfoods regularly.

Popular Examples of Superfoods

Since health has become a big issue in recent years, more manufacturers are doing their share in allowing consumers have access to some popular superfoods. One of the most popular  of them is spirulina, which is a form of blue-green algae.

Deriving spirulina from nature is pretty easy and straightforward – the algae get dried and is turned into powder. Then, it can be an ingredient to dishes or it may be taken in capsule form. Aside from spirulina, and its distant relative chlorella, here are a few lesser-known superfoods.

Cacao Powder

The earliest traces in history of cacao use take us back to the Aztecs in South America. Actually, the extracted cacao is not sweet but bitter. Eventually, ancient civilisations managed to lessen the bitter taste by mixing sugar or honey.

During the colonization period, voyagers brought back some of these cacao plants to Europe, and not long after that the chocolate became a popular drink around the world. These days, cacao powder is mixed with sweeteners like milk and sugar, resulting in the more popular milk chocolate.

Before you shed tears of joy knowing that your favorite chocolate bar can yield nutritional benefits, it is worth noting that the health benefits of chocolate can only be acquired in its raw form.

Here are some of the nutrients and essential minerals that you may obtain from cacao powder:

  • Antioxidants
  • Magnesium and iron

In order to retain these nutrients and also to protect the flavor, manufacturers carefully mill cacao beans under low temperatures. This resulting cacao powder can now be a much healthier alternative to chocolate drinks, as well as in baking and making desserts.

Dulse Flakes

If you have eaten Japanese food in the past, and you love their sushi, do you remember the black nori wrapper, which you probably ate? This is among the seaweeds that are considered edible. Speaking of edible seaweeds, another strange-looking organism is the dulse.

Dulse is a red colored alga that can also be eaten. It is mainly found along the shorelines of Canada, Ireland and Iceland, which means it flourishes in cold water. When this particular algae is ‘harvested’ from its natural environment, it is then dried, resulting into what they call ‘dulse flakes.’

Here are some of the key benefits and nutritional value of dulse:

  • Great source of vitamins and minerals
  • Large concentration of Iodine

There are a variety of uses for dulse flakes such as an ingredient in salads, soups, or even as a salt replacement due to its salty taste. Dried dulse flakes also have a slightly crunchy feel to them that make them an ideal ingredient in Asian cuisine.

Acai Berry Powder

Studies show that most species of berries contain nutrients and minerals to help the body. However, if you want to take it one notch higher – then you better discover the benefits of the acai berry. Aside from goji berries, acai berries are very popular as a natural source of nutrition.

The acai berry is found within the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. For centuries, this fruit has been known not only as a food and nutrition supplement but a healer of various illnesses.

Some manufacturers are now offering acai berries in their original berry form or in powder form, where it can be taken in more ways. Below are the nutritional contents of the acai berry:

  • Antioxidants
  • High amounts of fiber
  • Vitamins and minerals

Acai berries are a rich source of nutrients that can do a ton of other things aside from releasing antioxidants in your body. That is why this particular species of berries is among the most sought after superfoods in the market today.

Where to Buy Superfoods

In the past, the knowledge about natural sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are just
limited to book readers. However, with the advent of the Internet, more people are becoming aware that such natural sources of nutrition exist. The question now is where to find these superfoods.

When considering purchasing a particular product of superfoods, here are some very important points you should consider:natural superfoods

  • Who is the manufacturer – This is the first thing you have to ask yourself before buying any superfood product, especially from an online store. Check the official website of the brand just to ensure that they indeed offer such products. Get their contact details and address if possible.
  • Where does it come from – Superfoods are not manufactured and made in factories. They are extracted from a naturally controlled environment, and then carefully processed in order to retain all of their nutritional values. In relation to this, you have to know where all the major ingredients come from.
  • Is it 100% organic – Today, there are various definitions of ‘organic/natural’ when it comes to labeling. If you want to make sure that no synthetic ingredients or substances were included, you have to look for a label that says 100% organic. If the product indicated 100% organic but it does contain artificial substances, the manufacturer may face legal charges.
  • What do other consumers say about the product/manufacturer/store – Aside from researching about the product and the manufacturer or brand, you also need to check the reputation of the seller. If you are in a physical store, check the license and business permits of the store. On the other hand, you may check the reputation of an online store through its social media accounts.

If you want to make sure that your superfoods would not bring stress but happiness to your life, you better answer these questions promptly. You may notice that not all manufacturers and stores fit into these criteria. That is why you have to be very careful dealing with them, and always ask for the complete list of ingredients.

Taking in superfoods has a lot of health benefits. If you are someone who easily gets tired and exhausted, a number of superfoods can boost your energy, as well as your immunity against illnesses. Overall, superfoods can provide most if not all of the nutrients you need to go through your day.

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