Tips for a Lasting Relationship

At some point in your relationship with your partner, you experience impending obstacles that are bound to shake both your rafters. Challenges that happen within a relationship are old news. People experience this whether we want it or not. No matter how good your relationship is with your partner from the start, time will come when you both won’t be able to stand each other or you start to realise that you don’t have anything in common.

Many factors could be blamed which started the rift between you and your partner, however, you mustn’t dwell into these. A rather irksome habit is overthinking your relationship with your partner. Obsessing about trivial factors that won’t help solve the issue can only lead to stress and heartache. Eventually, you’ll have to realise that this unsettling habit will do the exact opposite of what you actually want and ultimately jeopardise the relationship that you hold dear.

Instead, place your attention on a realistic solution to the root cause of the issue and find common ground. If you’re stumped on how to face the issue with confidence, here are some tips that would lead to a good lasting relationship:


Stop obsessing over things that don’t matter


Let’s assume that you know your partner well enough. With this in mind, it’s always best to stop obsessing over things that don’t really matter where your relationship is concerned. For starters, if your partner isn’t the type to parade his affections out for everyone to see or any other type of PDA you can think of, try to understand accept him for who he is. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship isn’t amazing if he refuses to hold your hand or kiss you in public. If this bothers you a lot, it’s best to communicate with him to avoid any misconstrued feelings and of course, don’t obsess over it.


Steer more attention to your feelings


Instead of stressing over mundane things, focus your attention to your feelings. Try contemplating how you feel about your relationship with your partner. This helps give you gain a better understanding of your relationship and helps you focus on positivity rather than mull over the unnecessary.


Seek advice from your closest pal


Sometimes all you need to hear is worthy advice from your best friend. So, try asking yourself that if it were your best friend who was having issues with her relationship what good advice would you give her? Try putting this advice into action by applying it to your situation. At the end of the day, you’ll realise that there’s no use overthinking about your relationship and that the good advice can help you in many ways than the former.


Feel good about yourself


Find ways to make yourself happy and feel great about yourself. Instead of misplacing your worries, spend time on things or activities that help you feel good and productive. The feeling of fulfilment which comes from doing something you love or passionate about makes you more interesting and confident. This positivity transcends negative feelings and situations leading to something good, especially in relationships.


Be explicit with what you want in a relationship


Avoid having ambiguous and unrealistic expectations. If you’ve chosen a partner who prefers to scrimp his affections for you while in public, then don’t take it the wrong way and overthink.  Having clear expectations on what you really want in a relationship makes it easier to decipher if there’s truly something amiss in your relationship with your partner. If there is, stay calm and focused then communicate your thoughts with your partner so he’ll know what your expectations are.


Always be positive and avoid laying emphasis on the issue


Bear in mind that worrying doesn’t help you achieve anything you want in your relationship. That’s why thinking positive thoughts and staying optimistic help provide you with realistic solutions that will help solve the issue within the relationship. Over emphasising the issue instead of finding solutions will only complicate the issue further and keep you and your partner in a stressful situation.


Avoid blabbering about your issues to your friends


Even though you have your gal pal’s support this doesn’t mean it’s right to blab every time you have relationship problems. It’s obvious where their loyalties lie so there’s always a possibility that instead of helping with the issue at hand, they just might add more fuel to the fire. Despite their best intentions, your friends may be afraid to mention your faults in order not to hurt your feelings in the process so it’s always best to remain calm and keep the issue from your friends for the time being.


It may be time to see a Therapist


Sometimes tough situations call for professional intervention. If you feel the situation is already at its worst and there’s no way to rectify it, sometimes advice coming from someone who can help without judging the both of you will help diffuse the situation.


Tips to a lasting relationship aren’t secret. These basic tips will help you overcome challenges in your relationship leading to a strong, positive and lasting relationship. Understand and apply these tips whenever the situation calls for it and you’ll notice how it’ll lead to a positive relationship.


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